Long Tall Sally    b/w    I Saw Her Standing There

Paul McCartney
Prince's Trust - Front Cover Prince's Trust - Rear Cover
Prince's Trust - Front Cover Prince's Trust - Rear Cover
Label A & M
Catalogue No. FREE 21
Country of Origin England
Release Date 24th April 1987
Detail : NOT an official release, this actually came free with an L.P. called,
"The Prince's Trust Tenth Anniversary Birthday Party".
This was a live event at the Wembley Arena, with the patron Prince Charles in attendance with his wife Diana, Princess of Wales. Paul performed three tracks, the two on this release plus, "Get Back". "Get Back" is on the album, therefore all of Paul's performances are available. Paul had an all-star line-up backing him, as you can see listed on the cover above.

The show was shown on the B.B.C. and broadcast in stereo on BBC radio.

The single was released in a picture sleeve, and to my knowledge is Paul's only appearance on A & M records.

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