Freedom   and   From A Lover To A Friend

Paul McCartney
Freedom - Front Cover Freedom - Rear Cover
Freedom - Front Cover Freedom - Rear Cover
Freedom - Inner Booklet
Freedom - The C.D.
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. RS 6567
CDRS 6567
TCRS 6567
Country of Origin England
Release Date 5th November 2001
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :11th November 2001
Highest Position :?
Weeks in Chart :1
Detail : Paul's fifty-third single (Part 2). (See also From A Lover To A Friend which should be counted separately, in my opinion !)
Credited to "Paul McCartney".

Eric Clapton appears on "Freedom"
Produced by David Kahne
Executive Producer - Paul
Recorded at Quad Studios, New York.

"Freedom" was a brand new song written especially for the New York concert Paul gave on 20th October 2001, this was the last tune that Paul performed live (after, "I'm Down", "Lonely Road", "From A Lover To A Friend", and "Yesterday"). The song was then reprised when all the all-star cast joined Paul on stage.
This track was rush-released just one week after From A Lover To A Friend which is included as technically this release IS the same release, just a "part 2". This track was not intended for the new album, "Driving Rain" but has also been hastily added and will now appear.

So, this is the second of TWO charity singles from Paul within one week of each other (From A Lover To A Friend was out the previous MONDAY) as his contribution to the loss of lives of the New York emergency services due to the September 11th 2001 atrocities.
As stated on a sticker on the front cover of both singles ...
All profits from this single will go to aid families of the New York Firemen and Police.

Owing to an error by the U.K. chart compilers, this single was omitted from the chart calculations ! ...
It should have entered the chart on 11th November 2001, and in my mind, hypothetically ... IT DID !

The C.D.

Time - 12:50

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Freedom McCartney Studio Mix 3:34
From A Lover To A Friend McCartney Standard Single Version 3:49
From A Lover To A Friend McCartney David Kahne Remix 2 5:27

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