The Complete Silver Beatles

The Beatles
Silver Beatles - Front cover Silver Beatles - Rear Cover
Silver Beatles - Front Cover Silver Beatles - Rear Cover

Label Audio Fidelity
Catalogue No. AFELP 1047
Release date 10th September 1982
Total time 28:17
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT chart
Detail : Neither "Complete", nor "The Silver Beatles" ...
but this is the first official release of 12 of the 15 songs recorded by The Beatles at their Decca Audition of 1st January 1962. This session was held at the Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead studio's of Decca records in London, less than two miles from Abbey Road !

John, Paul, George and Pete Best (who had dropped the name "Silver Beatles" a year earlier) were met by Decca A&R man, Mike Smith at 11:00 and ran through 15 songs in under an hour. The songs were selected by Brian from the groups repertoire to reflect every aspect of their capabilities, and were recorded straight live, no over-dubs, onto two-track mono reel-to-reel tape.

At the end of the audition, The Beatles were hurried out as Smith was also auditioning Brian Poole and The Tremeloes from Barking in Essex. Clearly there was not much between the bands, but Decca also took into consideration the local aspect of the "Trems" which meant less travel expenses, and this was a factor in their final decision ... The Beatles did NOT pass the audition.

The order of the songs at the session was :

  1. Like Dreamers Do
  2. Money
  3. 'Till There Was You
  4. The Sheik Of Araby
  5. To Know Her Is To Love Her
  6. Take Good Care Of My Baby
  7. Memphis, Tennessee
  8. Sure To Fall
  9. Hello Little Girl
  10. Three Cool Cats
  11. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  12. Love Of The Loved
  13. September In The Rain
  14. Besame Mucho
  15. Searchin'
The missing three tracks from this official release, were the three Lennon-McCartney written songs, which are always left off of "Decca tapes" official releases ... probably to avoid any legal wranglings (songs, 1,9, & 12).

To hear the entire audition complete and in order, there are many bootlegs abounding. An excellent example is "The Road To Fame", and a superb example of decent packaging can be seen in the "Deccagone" single releases of 1976 !

The C.D. issue of this L.P. was on 16th July 1986 on Overseas Records, catalogue number 30CT-55
See after the tracklisting below for further (re)releases of these tracks.

Side 1

Track Composer Lead Vocal Time
Three Cool Cats Lieber-Stoller George 2:23
Crying, Waiting, Hoping Holly George 2:00
Besame Mucho Velazquez-Wilson-Skylar Paul 2:38
Searchin' Lieber-Stoller John 3:02
Sheik Of Araby Smith-Snyder-Wheeler George 1:40
Money Gordy-Bradford John 2:22

Side 2

Track Composer Lead Vocal Time
To Know Him Is To Love Him Spector John 2:34
Take Good Care Of My Baby Goffin-King George 2:26
Memphis Berry John 2:20
Sure To Fall Perkins-Cantrell-Claunch John 2:01
Till There Was You Wilson Paul 2:58
September In The Rain Warren Paul 1:53

Further Issues of The Decca Auditions and Re-releases

Issue Date Title Label/Catno Relevant Info
10th September 1983 20 Greatest Hits Audiofidelity AFEP 20623 12 Decca audition tracks
8 Polydor recordings (with Tony Sheridan)
19th December 1983 The Audition Tapes Breakaway BWY 72 12 Decca audition tracks
(sleeve notes by Lewisohn)
6th January 1984 The Beatles Historic Sessions Phoenix PHX 3-1 Triple L.P. set
12 Decca audition tracks
30 Star-club tracks
16th July 1986 The Silver Beatles Overseas 30CT-55 First C.D. release of the 12 Decca audition tracks.
19th October 1987 Decca Sessions Charly Topline TOPCD 523
TOP 181 (vinyl)
12 Decca audition tracks.
Deleted 15th June 1988.

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