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ISBN Number 0-316-64131-6
Printing Year 1998 First Edition
(First time in hardback)
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The Beatles - Illustrated Lyrics (Complete)
     by Alan Aldridge

The Beatles have been a part of our lives for almost four decades. Expressing the spirit of their times, their influence crossed social barriers in addition to the boundaries of art, fashion and music. The masterpiece album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band captured a moment in musical history and lifted pop music to a new level of artistic achievement.

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics is the only collection of it's kind. Originally published in two volumes in 1969 and 1971, it has become a symbol of an era. Specially commissioned illustrations and photographs by internationally famous artists reflect the surreal and psychedelic world the Beatles lived in and show what an immense influence the "greatest band of all time" had on the style of their generation.

Published in hardback for the first time, this new collector's edition retains all the style of the original.

Review :

A fabulous fabulous book ... fab drawings, and all the lyrics too.
A perfectly stylised indication of the sixties art world.
If you missed the first two volumes, first time around (and I didn't !!), do NOT miss this !!

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