You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)    b/w    What's The New Mary Jane

John Lennon
Label Apple
Catalogue No. APPLES 1002 (Test Pressings ONLY)
Country of Origin England
Release Date December 1969
Detail : John's most sought after solo single ... and therefore valued at 2,000 !!!

These two tracks were recorded during the Sgt. Pepper and White Album sessions, and touted many times by John as a Beatle single. Clearly at some time, with the other Beatles vetoing this plan, John had some test pressings made up.

The reason this is identified here as a Lennon single, even though "You Know My Name" was clearly a group collaboration and six months later appeared on an official Beatles release, is that the test pressings which have surfaced have the artist clearly printed as "Plastic Ono Band".

The catalogue number was written on the disc's label by hand.

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