Beatle City Exhibition

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Front Cover of Guide Book Exhibition Layout (from Guide Book)

On the 9th April 1984 at 10:30 a.m. "Beatle City" exhibition centre opened.
Based in Seel Street, Liverpool it was billed as a multi-media experience and was reputedly a multi million pound venture.

Beatle City was conceived, developed and established by Radio City, the Liverpool based independent radio station.
The Managing Director at the time was Terry D. Smith.

The guide book (pictured above) is a glossy 12" 32 page book on good quality thick card.
It has some lovely pictures and short career summaries written by Bill Harry, plus a map of the exhibition.
The route of the exhibition goes through the following areas :
The pay desk !, Liverpool 1960, Early Beatle Days, down steps to The Cavern, Here There and Everywhere, back up to T.V. Studio,
In The Movies, America, Display, Apple, Ringo's Mini, Displays, John Lennon, then exit via the souvenir shop and coffee bar.

I also still have an original big yellow carrier bag with the Beatle City logo on, in which I still keep my guide book.

In it's first year it made a loss of 25,000, and by October 1985 it closed it's doors to the paying public whilst the search for a buyer ensued.
On 25th February 1986 at the annual general meeting the Managing Director announced that if a
buyer wasn't found by the end of the following month, then all assets would be sold at an auction in New York in June.

At the last minute, on 3rd April 1986 "Beatle City" was saved by Transworld Festival Leisure Ltd, for a reported fee of 500,000.
On 30th April the exhibition was closed ready to be moved to a new site at the Festival Hall near the docks.

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