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E.P. Collection - Front of Box The E.P. Collection
E.P. Collection - Front of Box The E.P. Collection
CD E.P. Collection - Front of Box The CD E.P. Collection
CD E.P. Collection - Front of Box The CD E.P. Collection
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. BEP 14
CDBEP 14 (C.D.)
Country of Origin England
Release Date 7th December 1981
15th June 1992 (C.D.)
Detail : Following the success of the "Singles Collection" of 1976, and the "The Beatles L.P. Collection" of 1978, 1981 saw the release of an E.P. collection. The box featured the same design as the album collection, which was of a dark blue design (to look like denim ?) with gold embossed title, and autographs of the Fab Four.

The collection contained all of the original 12 E.P.'s in mono, the "Magical Mystery Tour" double E.P. in stereo, plus, a bonus E.P. of rarities, which in this case were unreleased stereo versions of familiar songs.
(For details of the bonus E.P. see the separate "Beatles E.P. Rarities" webpage.)

All the E.P.'s were of the modern pressing variety, e.g. boxed EMI logo's, and the "Magical Mystery Tour" E.P. included black inner sleeves for the vinyl, whereas originally they were white.

With this final release of 1981, E.M.I. announced that just during 1981, 75,000,000 (75 Million !) Beatles units were sold.

In 1992 after CD's had become firmly established, EMI packaged their next E.P. collection, this time in C.D. format. All of the C.D.'s were faithfully reproduced in glorious mono, with the only visible differences being, an Apple where the EMITEX advert used to be, and bar-coding in the catalogue number area.
Even the "Magical Mystery Tour" E.P. in CD format was true to form, except for the white lyric sheet.
The box though, did not have the gold embossed autographs, and was not in the familiar blue, but in a black hue.
This C.D. Box Set contains all the following :

CDGEP 8880The Beatles Hits
CDGEP 8882Twist and Shout
CDGEP 8883The Beatles No.1
CDGEP 8891All My Loving
CDGEP 8913Long Tall Sally
CDGEP 8920A Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film)
CDGEP 8924A Hard Day's Night (extracts from the film) Vol.2
CDGEP 8931Beatles For Sale
CDGEP 8938Beatles For Sale No.2
CDGEP 8946The Beatles Million Sellers
CDGEP 8948Yesterday
CDGEP 8952Nowhere Man
CDMAG 1Magical Mystery Tour
CDSGE 1Rarities

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