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The Mammoth Book of The Beatles

Publisher Robinson
ISBN Number 978-1-84529-943-9
Printing Date 23rd April 2009 - First Edition
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The Mammoth Book of
The Beatles

                 Edited by Sean Egan

The fullest ever anthology of writing about The Fab Four

This Mammoth Book is a must-have Beatles Companion -
which contains landmark interviews, first-hand accounts, and memoirs of the band and their entourage.

John, Paul, George and Ringo were more than a band, they were a phenomenon.
During the sixties they genuinely seemed to be changing the world. In this giant collection Sean Egan retraces The Beatles extraordinary impact, through over 30 key interviews, accounts, and memoirs recording how they became counter-culture's figureheads.

The book includes : Paul Johnson's 1964 article on the "menace of Beatle-ism"
Maureen Cleave's 1966 feature in which Lennon claimed they were "more popular than Jesus"
The News Of The World's 1967 piece suggesting the group were a spent force - just before the release of Sgt. Peppers.
Candid interviews with their entourage and lovers, including Cynthia Lennon, Yoko Ono, Pattie Boyd, Maureen Starkey and Linda McCartney.

There are latter-day reassessments by leading music journalists such as Paul Gambacinni and John Tobler, plus a chronology of every album, single, movie, and TV appearance, from their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show to the final impromptu concert on the roof of the Apple building in London in 1969.

The Beatles genuinely were the greatest recording artists and biggest attraction the world has ever known.
This book attempts, in a series of writings on the group, both old and new to explain why this is so.

Chapter Highlights

Part One: Life And Art
Part Two: Dissenters
Part Three: Film And TV
Part Four: Beatle Women
Part Five: Interviews
Part Six: And In The End ....

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My Comments :

A big thumping collection of editorial highlights of The Beatles career coupled with the most complete discography you will find.
A great read.
I can't really add much that it doesn't already say above.

This paperback book has 608 pages with heaps of decent reading material and solid information.

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