Front Cover
Front Cover
Publisher Plexus Publishing Limited
ISBN Number 978-0-85965-418-0
Printing Date 2007 - First Edition
Original U.K. Cost 19:99

The Beatles - Once Upon A Time
                 by Astrid Kirchherr & Max Scheler

Photographer Astrid Kirchherr met The Beatles in Hamburg in 1960 when they were a struggling band, without a record contract, playing seedy clubs in the Reeperbahn.
Astrid became close friends with the band, eventually becoming engaged to the original bassist, Stuart Sutcliffe, in Hamburg in 1961. It was Astrid who took the first iconic photographs of The Beatles.

Four years later, the band was at the centre of the worldwide phenomenon of Beatlemania when Astrid, accompanied by photojournalist Max Scheler, travelled to London and Liverpool to meet John, Paul, George and Ringo and took the photographs that appear in this book. Astrid's close friendship with the group allowed for unrivalled access and a collection of warm, intimate photographs, rarely seen until now.

They capture The Beatles in private, at their flats in London and on set during the filming of A Hard Day's Night, as well as very public moments when they were confronted with their own fame - on set with director Richard Lester; signing autographs for screaming girls, quietly strumming guitars or trying to find some peace.

Yesterday: The Beatles Once Upon A Time is a stunning collection of images, and a moving testament to the inspirational effect of The Beatles success on their hometown, as well as an intimate, historic account of the band's meteoric rise to superstardom.

This intimate look at The Beatles during the heyday of Beatlemania - by a photographer who is herself part of the legend - documents an important chapter of their mythic story.

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My Comments :

It's fair to say that the book jacket notes reproduced above say it all.
The book does include an interesting foreword by Astrid and an introduction by Max, and maybe not surprisingly, all the photographs are in black-and-white.
The only criticism I would make is that instead of a caption or comment under each picture, one has to turn to an index at the back to discover it's source.

The book is about 9 inches square and has 176 pages packed with photographs.

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