The Beatles Singles Collections

Box Sets of all the official Singles

All 22 singles have been re-issued in complete box sets a number of times, below is listed each instance.

The Beatles Singles Collection 1976
The Beatles Singles Collection - Front of Display Box (1976)
6th March 1976

All 22 7" singles PLUS "Yesterday" were issued separately in new green covers, see Yesterday to see an example of the format of the cover, and full detail of the issue.
Although this was NOT a boxset as such, each record shop was given a box to display the singles in, the front of which you can see I have scanned above. Oddly, the box front doesn't bother listing "Yesterday" which was part of this campaign.

The Beatles Singles Collection - Box The Beatles Singles Collection - Opened Boxset
The Beatles 7" Singles Collection - Boxset (1982) The Beatles 7" Singles Collection - Opened Boxset (1982)
6th December 1982

Twenty-six 7" singles issued by E.M.I. through it's "World Records" subsiduary under catalogue number BSC 1
Contains all the standard 22 singles, plus this set included the singles that had been released since 1976 which were :
"Yesterday", "Back In The U.S.S.R.", Sgt.Peppers" and "The Movie Medley".

6th November 1989

Twenty-two 3" C.D.'s issued in a boxset under catalogue number CDBSC 1.
These twenty-two 3" C.D. singles were all released individually during the preceding year, but on the above date they were collected together and sold with the "usual" style Beatles Box.
The original release dates of these C.D.'s was :
      28th November 1988 :

            CD3R 4949 - Love Me Do
            CD3R 4983 - Please Please Me
            CD3R 5015 - From Me To You
            CD3R 5055 - She Love's You
      23rd January 1989 :
            CD3R 5084 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
            CD3R 5114 - Can't Buy Me Love
      3rd April 1989 :
            CD3R 5160 - Hard Day's Night
            CD3R 5200 - I Feel Fine
            CD3R 5265 - Ticket To Ride
            CD3R 5305 - Help !
      8th May 1989 :
            CD3R 5389 - Day Tripper
            CD3R 5452 - Paperback Writer
            CD3R 5493 - Eleanor Rigby
            CD3R 5570 - Strawberry Fields Forever
      5th June 1989 :
            CD3R 5620 - All You Need Is Love
            CD3R 5655 - Hello, Goodbye
      10th July 1989 :
            CD3R 5675 - Lady Madonna
            CD3R 5722 - Hey Jude
      7th August 1989 :
            CD3R 5722 - Get Back
            CD3R 5786 - Ballad Of John And Yoko
      4th September 1989 :
            CD3R 5814 - Something
            CD3R 5833 - Let It Be

12th August 1991

Twenty-two cassette singles under catalogue number TCBSCX 1

The Beatles C.D. Singles Collection - Boxset
The Beatles C.D. Singles Collection - Boxset (1992)
2nd November 1992

Twenty-two 5" C.D.'s (as pictured above) in a box under catalogue number CDBSCP 1.
This Box Set contains the following twenty-two 5" C.D.'s :
CDR 4949Love Me Do
CDR 4983Please Please Me
CDR 5015From Me To You
CDR 5055She Love's You
CDR 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
CDR 5114Can't Buy Me Love
CDR 5160Hard Day's Night
CDR 5200I Feel Fine
CDR 5265Ticket To Ride
CDR 5305Help !
CDR 5389Day Tripper
CDR 5452Paperback Writer
CDR 5493Eleanor Rigby
CDR 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
CDR 5620All You Need Is Love
CDR 5655Hello, Goodbye
CDR 5675Lady Madonna
CDR 5722Hey Jude
CDR 5722Get Back
CDR 5786Ballad Of John And Yoko
CDR 5814Something
CDR 5833Let It Be


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