Beatles Greatest

The Beatles
Beatles Greatest - Front cover Beatles Greatest - Rear Cover
Beatles Greatest - Front Cover Beatles Greatest - Rear Cover
Label EMI Odeon
Catalogue No. 1C 062-04 207
Release date 1969 (This version)
Country Of Origin Germany
Detail : One of the earliest greatest hits albums, and initially essential due it containing the first ever release of some stereo versions of Beatles songs never heard before.

Originally released in Germany on 18th June 1965 on Odeon with a catalogue number of SMO 83 991.
This version was a 1969 re-issue.
A third pressing took place in 1976 when the catalogue number was changed again to 1C 072-04 207.
This third pressing was then re-issued a year later on the Apple label in Germany but with the same catalogue number.

Side 1

Track Composer Original Source Time
I Want To Hold Your Hand Lennon-McCartney I Want To Hold Your Hand the single. 2:22
Twist And Shout Medley-Russell Please Please Me. 2:33
A Hard Day's Night Lennon-McCartney A Hard Day's Night the single. 2:29
Eight Day's A Week Lennon-McCartney Beatles For Sale. 2:42
I Should Have Known Better Lennon-McCartney A Hard Day's Night the album. 2:41
Long Tall Sally Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell Long Tall Sally E.P. 2:00
She Loves You Lennon-McCartney She Love's You the single. 2:18
Please Mister Postman Holland With The Beatles. 2:34

Side 2

Track Composer Original Source Time
I Feel Fine Lennon-McCartney I Feel Fine the single. 2:17
Rock 'n' Roll Music Berry Beatles For Sale. 2:30
Ticket To Ride Lennon-McCartney Ticket To Ride the single. 3:09
Please Please Me Lennon-McCartney Please Please Me the single. 2:00
It Won't Be Long Lennon-McCartney With The Beatles. 2:11
From Me To You Lennon-McCartney From Me To You the single. 1:54
Can't Buy Me Love Lennon-McCartney Can't Buy Me Love the single. 2:10
All My Loving Lennon-McCartney With The Beatles. 2:06

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