McCartney I/II/III

Paul McCartney

McCartney I/II/III
McCartney I/II/III - Boxed Set

Label Capitol
Catalogue No.'s 450 2957 .... Black Vinyl Boxed Set
450 2961 .... Coloured Vinyl Boxed Set
450 2965 .... C.D. Boxed Set
Release Date 5th August 2022
Comments : Paul McCartney's forty-sixth release in total ?
Under the MPL Communications banner, this is on the Capitol label.

Credited to "Paul McCartney" - Written, Performed and Produced by Paul McCartney.

The eponymous solo albums written, performed, and produced by Paul McCartney from 1970, 1980, and 2020.
Includes 3 LPs on 180g audiophile vinyl with 3 limited edition photo prints and an introduction from Paul in a slipcase box.
Written, performed, and produced entirely by Paul McCartney, his three eponymous career-spanning solo albums;
1970’s McCartney, 1980’s McCartney II, and 2020’s McCartney III will now be packaged together and available in one special boxset for the first time.

McCartney I II III box set will be available in three different formats – Limited Edition Colour Vinyl, Black Vinyl Edition, and CD.
Each including three special photo prints with notes from Paul about each album.
The newly created boxset cover art and typography for the slipcase are by Ed Ruscha.


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