Got To Get You Into My Life   b/w   Helter Skelter

The Beatles
Got To Get You Into My Life
Got To Get You Into My Life
Label Capital
Catalogue No. 4274
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Release Date 31st May 1976
U.S. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :19th June 1976
Highest Position :7
Weeks in Chart :11 Weeks
Detail : The Beatles 45th American single release !
Interest in the Beatles "White Album" had been rekindled by the T.V. dramatisation of the Charles Manson murder trials of 1969. The two part film "Helter Skelter" featured several tunes from the white album including (of course) "Helter Skelter". Because of the film's popularity Capitol rushed to radio stations a special limited edition DJ single (P 4274) of Helter Skelter on 30th April 1976, but for the commercial release relegated it to the B-side, preferring "Got To Get You Into My Life" as the A-side, as Capitol rightly felt that exploiting the Manson case would not be the best way to get a hit single.
And a hit it was.

My copy pictured above is a First edition, which can be identified by the fact that the name of George Martin does NOT appear on the label.
Second pressings, also made in 1976, are the same as above but WITH his name.
Third pressing in 1978 has a purple Capitol label.
A Fourth pressing appeared in 1983 on a black Capitol label.
Then in 1988 a final pressing again on purple Capitol, but this version can be spotted by a smooth label edge.

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