Standing Stone

Paul McCartney
Standing Stone - Front cover Standing Stone - Rear Cover
Standing Stone - Front Cover Standing Stone - Rear Cover
Label E.M.I. Classics
Catalogue No. CDC 5 56484 2
Release date 29th September 1997
Total time 74:47 (Sleeve says 76:45)
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT chart
Detail : Paul's twenty-seventh "solo" album release, and second classical outing.
Composed by Paul.
The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Foster.

Recorded 30th April - 2nd May 1997 at Abbey Road.

The world premiere is held at The Royal Albert Hall, 14th October 1997.

The "Standing Stone" concert is broadcast on Channel 5 on Christmas Day 1997.
The one hour documentary of the "Making of Standing Stone" is broadcast the following day on BBC1.

The C.D. within a standard jewel box is housed within a boxed sleeve, which also contains a 48 page booklet.
The cover photography is by Linda, with photographs within the booklet taken by Linda, David Eustace and Mary McCartney.
(Look back in your collection and you will find this front cover was originally in the inner gatefold sleeve of Paul's 1970 McCartney).
Within it`s 48 pages, it has pictures of two paintings by Paul, one entitled :
"Standing Stone Story" painted in 1994, oil on canvas 48" x 48" ... the other is,
"Standing Stone Story II" painted in 1994, oil on canvas 48" x 48".
It also has some splendid photographs, the poem mentioned below, and a long written piece by Andrew Stewart.

Paul's Foreword in the C.D. booklet

I've spent much of the last four years composing what has now become my second large-scale classical work, the symphonic poem Standing Stone. Unlike the Liverpool Oratorio which features prominent roles for four solo singers, Standing Stone relies entirely on colours and effects drawn from orchestral and choral forces. With no soloists to propel the "story" and to help keep me on track throughout the writing of about 75 minutes of music, I wrote a poem (reprinted in full in the booklet !) in which I try to describe the way Celtic man might have wondered about the origins of life and the mystery of human existence. As with all successful "programme" music, I hope the music is strong enough to stand alone without help from the poem and that you, the listener, will enjoy what you hear.
Paul McCartney
July 1997.

The C.D.

No. Track Musical Term Time
Movement I - After heavy light years (16:36)
1 Fire / Rain Allegro energico 4:29
2 Cell Growth Semplice 8:31
3 'Human' Theme Maestoso 3:36
Movement II - He awoke startled (16:12)
4 Meditation Contemplativo 3:38
5 Crystal Ship Con moto scherzando 2:02
6 Sea Voyage Pulsating, with cool jazz feel 3:40
7 Lost At Sea Sognando 4:38
8 Release Allegro con spirito 1:54
Movement III - Subtle colours merged soft contours (22:52)
9 Safe Haven / Standing Stone Pastorale con moto 4:12
10 Peaceful moment Andante tranquillo 2:09
11 Messenger Energico 3:36
12 Lament Lamentoso 2:26
13 Trance Misterioso 5:32
14 Eclipse Eroico 4:57
Movement IV - Strings pluck, horns blow, drums beat (19:05)
15 Glory Tales Trionfale 2:40
16 Fugal Celebration L'istesso tempo. Fresco 4:25
17 Rustic Dance Rustico 2:01
18 Love Duet Andante intimo 3:43
19 Celebration Andante 6:16

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