Things We Said Today

The Beatles
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Things We Said Today - C.D. Front Cover Things We Said Today - C.D. Rear Cover
Label Thunderbolt
Catalogue No. CDTB 209
Release date 28th July 2000
Total time 57:51
Detail: The first release in the U.K. of interviews originally released as an L.P. in America in August 1986 on Cicadelic 1962.

This version was distributed in the U.K. by TKO Magnum Records.

Produced by Michael Greisman.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Paul McCartney 17th September 1964, Paul recorded three promotional messages in Dallas 02:14
2 The Beatles 18th September 1964, at station KLF in Dallas 01:47
3 The Beatles 18th September 1964, Dallas press conference 06:10
4 The Beatles 8th September 1964, interviewed by Jean Morris 02:39
5 The Beatles 20th August 1964, arrival at Seattle airport, plus Ringo interview 03:21
6 The Beatles 21st August 1964, Seattle press conference
(full recording was over 14 minutes)
7 John Lennon 1965, interview about The Beatles and communism 01:29
8 The Beatles 29th August 1965, Los Angeles press conference, plus the presentation of a gold disc for "Help !" 14:27
9 The Beatles 17th August 1965, Toronto press conference. 18:22

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