The Beatles
Moviemania - Front cover Moviemania - Rear Cover
Moviemania - Front Cover Moviemania - Rear Cover
Label Cicadelic
Catalogue No. CIC 1960
Release date April 1987
Total time 46:00
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Back in 1964 and early 1965 when British groups first invaded the U.S., every movement they made was reported and photographed for the papers and magazines. A great way of bringing fans in touch with their idols was via the radio interview. Since there was no major T.V. music network, radio was the ideal outlet for fan communication.

The rare Beatles interviews compiled for this album were intended just for this purpose. Beatle fans would listen to the interviews on the air and be incited to go and see the latest Beatle movie.

These interviews were recorded between 24th February - 9th March 1965 during the Bahamas location filming for Help!

The "Hard Day's Night" interviews were originally aired on WGN,
the "Help!" interviews on WFUN.

Side 1

Track Sleeve Notes Time
A Hard Day's Night Now for the first time ever, after 23 years, are the complete behind the scenes interviews with The Beatles on A Hard Day's Night. Included, are introductions by The Beatles to many of the songs for the movie. A Special added bonus is the radio station ticket premiere for A Hard Day's Night and the 1964 Beatle radio promos. 23:00

Side 2

Track Sleeve Notes Time
Help ! We learn the meaning behind John's new book "A Spaniard In The Works". Paul compares the styles of filming on A Hard Day's Night and Help! George goes into detail on the songs and soundtrack for Help! as well as some off the wall titles for the as yet untitled film. Ringo discusses scenes left on the cutting room floor, and mishaps during filming, and his recent marriage to Maureen Cox. 23:00

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