Seaside Woman   b/w   B-Side To Seaside

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Seaside Woman - The Single
Seaside Woman - The Single
Seaside Woman - 12inch Cover Seaside Woman - 12inch Rear
Seaside Woman - 12inch Cover Seaside Woman - 12inch Rear
The Beatles Contribution:  Paul provides backing and produces
Label A & M
Catalogue No. AMS 7461
Release Date 10th August 1979
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail :
Side A    Side B

Linda McCartney's first solo release, albeit under a pseudonym.
Produced by Paul McCartney.

This is quoted as being the first song that Linda wrote, and initially first recordings were made 27th November 1972 at Air studios, London with the following line-up:
Linda - Vocals, electric piano
Paul - Bass, backing vocals
Denny Laine - Piano, guitar, backing vocals
Henry McCulloch - Guitar
Denny Seiwell - Drums
Further work on these tracks was made a year later in November 1973 at E.M.I.'s Boulogne-Billancourt Studios near Paris, and on 26th November at the Pathe-Marconi studios, Paris. These sessions also produced "Oriental Nightfish", "Wide Prairie" and "I Got Up".

An album was planned for Linda but never appeared at that time.
In fact this single didn't appear at the time either, but was first issued in America on 31st May 1977 where it reached number 59 in the Billboard charts.
Seaside Woman - The U.S. Single
Seaside Woman - The U.S. Single

When finally being released in the U.K. the single was issued as shown above on yellow vinyl, and a special limited edition boxed version containing 10 typically English saucy seaside postcards, and a button badge. The boxed version is the most collectable of all the issues of this single and is valued at around 30.

"Seaside Woman" was re-issued on 18th July 1980, again on A&M but a new catalogue number of AMS 7548 and a different sleeve.
On the same day a 12" version is issued with the same recordings.

"Seaside Woman" was again re-issued on 7th July 1986, this time on E.M.I. with a catalogue number of EMI 5572 and again a different sleeve, this release also includes a 12" (pictured above) but this time a longer version re-mixed by Alvin Clark running to 5:20 (plus an extended B-side of 4:36)

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