Pussy Cats

Harry Nilsson
Pussy Cats - Front cover Pussy Cats - Rear Cover
Pussy Cats - Front Cover Pussy Cats - Rear Cover
Pussy Cats - Front cover
Pussy Cats - Inside Gatefold
The Beatles Contribution:  John produces and arranges, Ringo guests on drums.
Label R.C.A.
Catalogue No. APL1-0570
Release date 30th August 1974
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail : The relationship between John Lennon and Harry Nilsson is legendary, especially during John's "Lost Weekend" of 1974.
They wanted to make an album together and "Pussy Cats" was the result. A Nilsson album produced by Lennon.

Unfortunately during the sessions (which started 28th March 1974 at the Burbank Studios and continued through April)
Nilsson became unwell and ruptured his vocal chords.
Stubbornly, he didn't want John to stop the sessions and so never told him, and eventually lost his voice entirely.
Although he regained his voice after the album, it was never the same again.

It was during these sessions that Paul visited John on 1st April 1974, and the final picture of them together was taken.

Like many superstar projects of the time, it was easy for Lennon to round up a few legendary friends to appear on it,
Klaus Voorman, Keith Moon, Jim Keltner, and Ringo all contribute.
But what this leads to is everybody just having a great fun time in the studio, and bashing out a few oldies, although there are a few new songs too.

As the album goes on though, you can hear Nilssons voice progressively deteriorating whilst the band get more professional and slick.

Ringo guests on side 1 tracks 1, 2, and 4
                  and side 2 tracks 1, 2, 3, and 5.
Keith Moon guests on side 1 track 4
                            and side 2 tracks 2, 3, and 5.
Amongst other guests are Klaus Voorman and his girlfriend Cynthia Webb.

The gatefold cover is normal on the right half, but inside, the left half actually splits into a subsidary gatefold,
this contains liner notes by Derek Taylor and the lyrics.
The rear cover has full personnel details.
The art direction was by Acy Lehman.
Also mentioned on the sleeve is OUR PAL Mal Evans, and production assistant May Pang.

"Everything is the opposite of what it is."
Dr. Winston O'Boogie M.D. (Manic Depressive)

"But somehow it isn't only not just the words isn't it?"
Prof. Schmilsson M.E. (Me)

A home demo version by John of "Mucho Mungo" can be heard on Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume One

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Many Rivers To Cross Cliff 5:00
Subterranean Homesick Blues Dylan 3:21
Don't Forget Me Nilsson 3:40
All My Life Nilsson 3:13
Old Forgotten Soldier Nilsson 4:16

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Save The Last Dance For me Pomus-Schuman 4:31
Mucho Mungo Lennon 3:46
Mt. Elga Nilsson-Lennon
Loop De Loop Arr, Vann and Dong 2:44
Black Sails Nilsson 3:18
Rock Around The Clock DeKnight-Freedman 3:13


March 1994 - first issued on C.D. on Edsel with catalogue number EDCD 337. This had no extra tracks.

August 1996 - re-issued on C.D. on R.C.A. with catalogue number 07863 50570 2, again no extra tracks.

1999, a 25th Anniversary C.D. issue on BMG with four bonus tracks :

Track Time
Down By The Sea 5:37
Flying Saucer Song 6:30
Turn Out The Light 2:32
Save The Last Dance For Me 4:26

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