Duit On Mon Dei

Harry Nilsson
Duit On Mon Dei - Front cover Duit On Mon Dei - Rear Cover
Duit On Mon Dei - Front Cover Duit On Mon Dei - Rear Cover
Duit On Mon Dei - Inside Gatefold
Duit On Mon Dei - Inside Gatefold

The Beatles Contribution:  Ringo guests on drums and supplies backing vocals.
Label R.C.A.
Catalogue No. RS 1008
Release date 28th March 1975
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : "Duit On Mon Dei", an apparently Latin motto, but one we`ve seen before ... see Ringo an album that Nilsson worked on !

This album was originally going to be entitled, "God's Greatest Hits" ... but the powers that be managed to
persuade Nilsson to change it ... except, if you open up the split gatefold you are confronted with a full-sized exact copy
of the front cover with the words "Duit On Mon Dei" replaced with, "Formerly God's Greatest Hits" and
the words "Bless It" in the bottom right hand corner.

Ringo only plays drums on "Kojak Columbo", and backing vocals on "Good For God".
Amongst other guest musicians, Klaus Voorman plays bass.

There is also a message at the bottom of the gatefold picture spread that says,
If you care about "you know who's" immigration status - write your "you know what"
... obviously a message about harry's friend John !

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Jesus Christ You're Tall Nilsson 1:20
It's A Jungle Out There Nilsson 3:57
Down By The Sea Nilsson 2:30
Kojak Columbo Nilsson 3:30
Easier For Me Nilsson 2:30
Turn Out The Light Nilsson 2:27

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Salmon Falls Nilsson-Voorman 4:10
Puget Sound Nilsson 2:22
What's Your Sign Nilsson 2:50
Home Nilsson 3:32
Good For God Nilsson 3:23


A first C.D. appeared in 2002 on BMG International, catalogue number 95024.

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