Harry Nilsson
Sandman - Front cover Sandman - Rear Cover
Sandman - Front Cover Sandman - Rear Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  Ringo receives "Special thanks" on the sleeve.
Label R.C.A.
Catalogue No. RS 1015
Release date 1976
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : I don't have any documentation showing any Beatle as actually appearing on this album, but
Ringo does get "Special Thanks" on the rear cover, and the cover photography was by Mal "The Pal" Evans.

Also Klaus Voorman plays bass, and did the inside gatefold artwork.

Side 1

Track Composer
I'll Take A Tango Harvey
Something True Nilsson-Botkin Jr.
Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left For Everybody Nilsson
The Ivy Covered Walls Nilsson
Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today Nilsson-Kortchmar

Side 2

Track Composer
Flying Saucer Song Nilsson
How To Write A Song Nilsson
Jesus Christ You're Tall Nilsson
Will She Miss Me Nilsson


No C.D. is listed in my U.K. catalogues.

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