Goodbye   b/w   Sparrow

Mary Hopkin

Goodbye - A-side Label Goodbye - B-side Label
Goodbye - A-side Label Goodbye - B-side Label

The Beatles Contribution:  A-side written by Lennon-McCartney.
Paul produced boths sides.
Paul backing instrumentation.
Label Apple
Catalogue No. APPLE 10
Release Date 28th March 1969
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :2nd April 1969
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :14
Detail :
Side A    Side B

Both sides were produced by Paul.

Her second single release was Paul's catchy melody Goodbye (although credited to Lennon-McCartney). Hopkin's great vocal, along with the composing credit, was enough to make it a U.K. top 10 hit in 1969. A promotional video was shot (though never broadcast) of McCartney and Hopkin recording the song. Paul did cut a demo version of "Goodbye" for Mary Hopkin. It has appeared on a number of bootlegs, and for the actual version Paul contributed a significant amount of the instrumental backing, including guitars.

After Those Were The Days ironically knocked "Hey Jude" off the top slot in 1968, justice was done when "Get Back" prevented this follow-up from hitting the top by remaining there for six weeks.

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