Sour Milk Sea   b/w   The Eagle Laughs At You

Jackie Lomax

Sour Milk Sea - A-side Label Sour Milk Sea - B-side Label
Sour Milk Sea - A-side Label Sour Milk Sea - B-side Label

Sour Milk Sea - U.S. A-side Label Sour Milk Sea - U.S. B-side Label
Sour Milk Sea - 1971 U.S. Promo A-side Label Sour Milk Sea - 1971 U.S. Promo B-side Label

The Beatles Contribution:  George had much to do with both sides
Label Apple
Catalogue No. APPLE 3
Release Date 6th September 1968
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(George Harrison)
(Jackie Lomax)

The A-side was written by George and arranged and produced by him.
The B-side was arranged and produced by George Harrison.

This single was Jackie's first (of three) releases on the Beatles Apple label, and the third single to appear on the famous Granny Smith logo.
For the full information of this single and Jackie's other work for Apple, go to The Worlds Best Jackie Lomax Website and follow the links for his Apple recordings.

My import copy shown above is a 1971 re-release Promo copy ("Not For Sale") U.S. import, on Apple with catalogue number PRO 6240 (1834). The original Apple issue in the U.S. in 1968 had catalogue number 1802 and had the same B-side as the U.K. edition, but this later edition has a changed B-Side which did appear on the U.K. release of New Day. The U.S. "New Day" had "Thumbin' A Ride" as it's B-side.

To see where this single release sits in the apple releases, see the Apple Records Single Listing.


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