Road To Nowhere   b/w   Illusions


Road To Nowhere - A-side Label Road To Nowhere - B-side Label
Road To Nowhere - A-side Label (First Pressing) Road To Nowhere - B-side Label
Road To Nowhere - A-side Label Road To Nowhere - B-side Label
Road To Nowhere - Notice the Band Name Change ! Road To Nowhere - B-side Label

The Beatles Contribution:  None
Label Apple
Catalogue No. APPLE 6
Release Date 24th January 1969
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(Goffin & King)
(Hugh Nicholson)

The band were created by Ian Crawford Clews (vocals), Neil McCormick (guitar), Colin Hunter Morrison (guitar), Ronnie Leahy (organ) and Timmy Donald (b. Angus Donald, drums) who were originally known as the Pathfinders. They became one of Glasgow's most exciting and popular groups. Former Poets guitarist Fraser Watson replaced McCormick in 1967 and the following year the band was signed to Apple. They were given the name White Trash by Richard DiLello, the Apple liaison officer who wrote a book about his times at the label called The Longest Cocktail Party. DiLello also penned all the biographies for the label's artists.
The name White Trash, was not only in use in the USA by Edgar & Johnny Winter but deemed offensive in Britain, hence the speedy change to the one word Trash.

This debut single Road To Nowhere, which was produced by ex-Shadows' drummer Tony Meehan, had been a staple part of the Pathfinders live set.

Sadly this 45 never got promoted, but is a good example of British psychedelia of the late 60's.
The A-side is a doom laden reading of the Carole King classic (also covered by USA folk act Hearts & Flowers). Trash give it a Spooky Tooth feel.
The B-side "Illusions" is a nightmarish excursion into madness, the energy put forth is relentless and the backing vocals are terrifying. This track is as good as anything by The Creation, The Factory or The Misunderstood.

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