Blueprint For A Sunrise

Yoko Ono
Blueprint For A Sunrise - Front cover Blueprint For A Sunrise - Rear Cover
Blueprint For A Sunrise - Front Cover Blueprint For A Sunrise - Rear Cover
Blueprint For A Sunrise - Front cover Blueprint For A Sunrise - Rear Cover
Blueprint For A Sunrise - Yoko on page 4 of booklet Blueprint For A Sunrise - Sean & Yoko on page 12 of booklet
Label Capitol
Catalogue No. 536 0352
Release date 9th October 2001
Total time 47:07
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Yoko's ninth solo album release, and first for five years.

All tracks are written by Yoko, the album was produced by YOKO ONO and Rob Stevens.

Yoko Ono - Vocals
Timo Ellis - Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drums
Hearn Gadbois - Percussion
Phil Hernandez - Drums
Sam Koppelman - Drums, Bass, Percussion
Sean Lennon - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Background Vocals
Chris Maxwell - Guitar
Zeena Parkins - Electric Harp
Erik Sanko - Bass.

Track 1 starts with a heartbeat, and is a spoken piece that continues straight into track 2.
Track 7, "It's Time For Action!", has 16 languages represented, which are English (Yoko), Ethiopian, Hungarian, Russian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Arabic, French, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, German, Portugese, Japanese (NOT Yoko), Italian and Persian.
Track 8 is a reggae refrain.
Track 9 a live performance by Yoko and Sean at New York's Japan Society, and finally
Track 11 ends with bird and animal noises reminiscent of the start of "Across The Universe".

The cover photos feature Yokos face superimposed on an oil painting by Hubert Vos of H.I.M., Empress Dowager of China, Tzu-hsi. Yoko asks in her liner notes that you should read about the last Chinese Empress who became the first person dubbed as the "Dragon Lady", a name specially coined for her by the British press at the time, fueling Britain's colonialism.
She dies disgraced and brokenhearted.
Yoko continues in the notes:
"Every day I tell myself,
 I'll Survive.
 Yeah, I Will".

"Art is a way of survival.
 With this album
 I present to you my metronome,
 my menu,
 my blueprint for a sunrise".

The accompanying 16 page full colour booklet features lyrics of some of the songs, photos of Yoko and Sean, as well as Yokos "Spots on the Wall" pen and ink drawings published by 360 Degrees Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, and the liner notes by Yoko.
Sean took the photograph of Yoko on Page 4 of the booklet (shown above).

Click here to see an ad placed in the U.K. music press to promote the album.

Side 1

No. Track Time
1 I Want You To Remember Me "A" 1:23
2 I Want You To Remember Me "B" 4:07
3 "Is This What We Do" 2:58
4 Wouldnit "swing" 2:37
5 Soul Got Out of the Box 2:15
6 Rising II 12:51
7 Its Time for Action! 4:04
8 Im Not Getting Enough 3:26
9 Mulberry 8:31
10 "I Remember Everything" 2:40
11 Are You Looking For Me ? 2:03

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