Disco Mix Club - February 1986 Mixes

The Beatles (and others)
DMC Feb.86 Mixes - Front cover DMC Feb.86 Mixes - Rear Cover
DMC Feb.86 Mixes - Front Cover DMC Feb.86 Mixes - Rear Cover
Label D.M.C.
Catalogue No. DMC 37/2
Release date February 1986
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : The Beatles appeared for the first time on a legitimate Disco Mix Club Megamix.

D.M.C. is a D.J. only subscription club originally based in England.
Each month a set of mixes and re-mixes were sent out to all the worldwide members.

The Beatles Megamix was brilliantly mixed by the razor blade wielding Sanny-X and comprised:
     From Me To You
     Day Tripper
     I Want To Hold Your Hand
     Please Please Me
     She Loves You
     A Hard Day's Night
     Back In The U.S.S.R.
     Eight Days A Week
     Help !

Running for over 5 minutes, The Beatles Megamix moved seamlessly from 144 to 194 beats per minute.

Side 1

Track Artist Megamixer Time
From Us To You The Beatles Sanny-X 5:21
Mix Closer Various Artists Alan Coulthard 14:12
Barry White Megamix Barry White Les Adams 6:35

Side 2

Track Artist Megamixer Time
The George Benson Megamix George Benson Alan Coulthard 15:18
Funk Floorfiller Various Artists Les Adams 10:00

Being an active D.M.C. member right from the advent of vinyl, I too had one of my productions published by D.M.C. in March 1995. I did submit a few mixes over the years, and prepared a production in the DMC studios in Slough, but my Doors mix was the only one to make it to release.
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