Liverpool Lou   b/w   Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam


Liverpool Lou - A-side Label Liverpool Lou - B-side Label
Liverpool Lou - A-side Label Liverpool Lou - B-side Label
The Beatles Contribution:  Paul and Linda had input on both sides.
Label Warner Brothers
Catalogue No. K 16400
Release Date 24th May 1974
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :1st June 1974
Highest Position :7
Weeks in Chart :9
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(Trad. arr by Paul and Linda McCartney)

The A-side was produced by Paul McCartney and the traditional song was arranged by Paul and Linda.
The B-side was produced by McCartney Productions, and written by Paul and Linda. It is a strong tune with a rockin' guitar ... but, has the members of the Scaffold having a pub style random chat over the top of it.

Scaffold's first hit for over four years also turned out to be their last.
Prior to this they had had four hit singles in the sixties, one of which (Lily The Pink) was actually a big number one over Christmas 1968.

Scaffold were, Roger McGough, Mike McGear, and John Gorman and performed a mixture of pop music, poetry and comedy.
Mike McGear kept his true identity hidden for some time, being unwilling to trade on his famous brother's name. And even once revealed as really being Michael McCartney, kept McGear as his stage name.

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