I Must Be In Love   b/w   Cheese & Onions/A Girl Like You

The Rutles

I Must Be In Love - Font Cover I Must Be In Love - Rear Cover
I Must Be In Love - Front Cover I Must Be In Love - Rear Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  Inspiration.
Label Warner Brothers
Catalogue No. K 17125
Release Date April 1978
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :15th April 1978
Highest Position :39
Weeks in Chart :4
Detail :
Side A    Side B

All tracks are produced by Neil Innes.

The Rutles are, of course, a brilliant parody of the Beatles.
The densely packed references to the "Fab Four" which occur throughout the Rutle documentary "All You Need is Cash" will be immediately detected by any viewer familiar with the Beatles career.
The first time "I Must Be In Love" was seen on T.V. in the U.K. was during episode 1 of the second series of "Rutland Weekend Television" on BBC2 on 12th November 1976. Rutland Weekend Television was a program supposedly produced by Britain's "smallest, cheapest independent television station." The clip had actually been recorded almost a year earlier on 24th November 1975, and was first shown during a comedy sequence on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on October 2, 1976.
This brief appearance of the bogus "Pre-Fab Four" on American TV caused a minor sensation, and NBC suggested a full-length special be made, for which the network provided both facilities and funding. "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels produced the film.

The film was written entirely by Idle, but the music is the work of Neil Innes. Innes (of Bonzo's fame) had previously provided music for Idle's Rutland series, an association which produced both the album, "The Rutland Weekend Songbook" and the book, "The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book." George Perry reports that on the strength of his brilliant work on the Rutles project, Innes was given his own BBC series "The Innes Book of Records."
Neil began writing the songs for The Rutles in May 1977, it was reported that the whole task took him just two weeks.

The movie chronicles the rise and fall of the Rutles:
Ron Nasty (John Lennon, played by Neil Innes)
Dirk McQuickly (Paul McCartney, played by Eric Idle)
Stig O'Hara (George Harrison, played by Rikki Fataar) and
Barrington Womble (Ringo Starr, played by John Halsey).

With the exception of Idle, the cast members actually play the music for all the tunes.

Both sides of the single have "ALLEN" etched into the run-out groove.

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