Mike McGear
McGear - REAR cover McGear - FRONT Cover
McGear - REAR Cover McGear - FRONT Cover
McGear - Inside Gatefold
McGear - Inside Gatefold
The Beatles Contribution:  Paul, Linda and Wings all play a prominent part.
Label Warner Brothers
Catalogue No. K 56051
Release date 27th September 1974
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Mike McGear's second solo album release.
Mike McGear (b.7th Jan. 1944) was very succesful in the early sixties with John Gorman and Roger McGough before it became known that his real name was McCartney, brother of Paul. He quite rightly wanted to prove that he could be successful under his own steam, and this he did.

The album is produced by Paul McCartney.
Recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, "McGear" features the following musicians and guests :
Linda - Moog and vocal harmonies
Denny Laine - Electric guitar and vocal harmonies
Jimmy McCullough - Electric guitar
Gerry Conway - Drums
Brian Jones - Sax
Paddy Moloney (Chieftains) - Aeolian pipes
Denny Seiwell - Drums (on "Leave It")
Tony Coe - Sax (on "Leave It")
Gerry Allison - Strings and brass arangement
Derek Taylor - on W.B. giggling
Buzz Aldrin - on "Moon"
The Halle Orchestra and oboe lady.

The excellent cover is designed by Derek of Seabrook/Graves/Aslett (Hollywood Cover Conceptionalists), with photographs by James Wedge amd the collage by Babara Brunsdon. The inner gatefold has a giant Mike sitting over Liverpool and the Mersey. The front has Mike captured like Gulliver, surrounded by little black and white people. If one looks very closely, Paul is clearly seen bottom right, Linda can be seen astride a horse, Robert Dougal (newsreader) is on a high stool and Buzz Aldrin is in spacesuit.

The run-out groove on side one has "MELYS !" etched into it, whilst side two has "MELYS & PAULS".

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Sea Breezes Ferry 4:52
What Do We Really Know ? McCartney 3:28
Norton McCartney-McGear 2:35
Leave It McCartney 3:44
Have You Got Problems ? McCartney-McGear 6:16

Side 2

Track Composer Time
The Casket McCartney-McGough 4:19
Rainbow Lady McCartney-McGear 3:26
Simply Love You McCartney-McGear 2:47
Givin' Grease A Ride McCartney-McGear 5:35
The Man Who Found God On The Moon McCartney-McGear 6:26

Released Versions

First pressings (1974)
    K 56051 - Gatefold sleeve with gatefold insert is worth about 15.
                          It was Deleted in 1977.


1997, a first C.D. issue on Rykodisc with catalogue number RCD 10192 with ONE bonus track.

Track Composer Time
Dance The Do McCartney-McGear 3:53

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