The Rutles

The Rutles
The Rutles - Front cover The Rutles - Rear Cover
The Rutles - Front Cover The Rutles - Rear Cover
The Rutles - Inside Gatefold
The Rutles - Inside Gatefold + Page 1
The Rutles - Booklet
The Rutles - Pages 4 & 5 of the Booklet
The Rutles - Booklet
The Rutles - Pages 8 & 9 of the Booklet
The Rutles - Booklet
The Rutles - Pages 14 & 15 of the Booklet
The Rutles - Inner Sleeve
The Rutles - Inner Sleeve

The Beatles Contribution:  Inspiration
Label Warner Brothers
Catalogue No. K 56459
K4 56459 (cassette)
Release date 7th April 1978
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :9th April 1978
Highest Position :12
Weeks in Chart :11
Detail :

The Rutles story is a legend. A living legend.
A legend that will live a lifetime, long after lots of other living legends have died.
The Warner Brothers (Stan and Reg) are proud to present their tribute to the semi-legendary group who
made the sixties what they are today - the Prefab Four: Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry.

The Rutles
Dirk McQuickly - Eric Idle
Ron Nasty - Neil Innes
Stig O'Hara - Rikki Fataar
Barry Wom - John Halsey

Their Loves
Martini - Bianca Jagger
Chastity - Gwen Taylor
The Bigamy Sisters - Carinthia West
Penelope - Penelope Tree

Their Business
Leggy Mountbatten - Terence Bayler
Eric Manchester - Michael Palin
Archie Macaw - Frank Williams
Dick Jaws - Barry Cryer
Roadie - Robert Putt
Adrian Jones - Dan Ackroyd
Ron Decline - John Belushi
Decline's Henchmen - Al Franken & Tom Davis

Their Lives
H.M. The Queen - Jeanette Charles
Hells Angel - Ronnie Wood
Mrs. Iris Mountbatten - Gwen Taylor
Narrator - Eric Idle
Stanley J. Krammerhead III Jnr. - Eric Idle
Bill Murray The K. - Bill Murray
Interviewer - George Harrison
Themselves - Mick Jagger - Paul Simon.

The Beatles spoof documentary "All You Need Is Cash" is shown on BBC2 on Easter Monday, 27th March 1978.
This terrific collection of Beatle-esque songs is released just over a week later.
It is said that a copy of the film and the finished album were sent to John at the Dakota for his approval.
John was so-o-o impressed that he refused to return the either of them to Neil Innes !

A terrific quality package which, to be honest, puts a lot of Beatle packaging to shame !
Extra-thick card gatefold sleeve, with a quality 24 page colour booklet.
The album booklet was conceived and written by Eric Idle, designed by Basil Pao, with art direction by Tony Cohen.
The artwork was by Dennis Hawkins, with photography by David Strickland and David Gahr.
The booklet has many photographs from the film, "All You Need Is Cash", and a lengthy history of the group.
The inner sleeve is also thick card with the lyrics (oddly, only 10 out of the 14 tracks), plus full contributor lists
Especially considering the whole project is just an elaborate pastiche, it really does look and feel like some considerable effort has gone into it.

To promote the album a single was issued from it, see I Must Be In Love

The run-out groove on both sides has the name "ALLEN" etched, which is clearly a reference to "PORKY".

The album entered the official L.P. chart on 9th April 1978 at number 28.

18 years later saw a follow-up album Archaeology

Side 1 - (1962-1967)

Track Composer Time
Hold My Hand Innes 2:31
Number One Innes 2:50
With A Girl Like You Innes 1:50
I Must Be In Love Innes 2:04
OUCH ! Innes 1:49
Living In Hope Innes 2:37
Love Life Innes 2:50
Nevertheless Innes 1:29

Side 2 - (1967-1970)

Track Composer Time
Good Times Roll Innes 3:03
Doubleback Alley Innes 2:54
Cheese And Onions Innes 2:37
Another Day Innes 2:09
Piggy In The Middle Innes 4:07
Let's Be Natural Innes 3:23

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