Walking On Thin Ice   b/w   It Happened

Yoko Ono

Walking On Thin Ice - Front Cover
Walking On Thin Ice - Front Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  John produces and plays guitar and keyboards.
Label Geffen
Catalogue No. K 79202
K 79202 M (cassette single)
Release Date 20th February 1981
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :28th February 1981
Highest Position :35
Weeks in Chart :5
Detail :
Side A    Side B

Yoko's first solo single since 1973 was also her only solo chart entry reaching number 35 in the U.K. chart.

"Walking On Thin Ice" was recorded at the Hit Factory, New York in November/December 1980 and was produced by John, Yoko and Jack Douglas. John and Yoko had actually been remixing this track on the evening of December 8th 1980.

The personnel on the A-side of this single were :
Yoko - Lead vocals
John - Lead guitar and keyboards
Hugh McCracken - Rhythm guitar
Earl Slick - Rhythm guitar
Tony Levin - Bass
Andy Newmark - Drums
Jack Douglas - Percussion.

The B-side was actually recorded eight years earlier in 1973 at the Record Plant, New York.
It was originally produced by John and Yoko in 1973, with editing and remixing in 1980 by John, Yoko and Jack Douglas.
Personnel on it were :
Yoko - Lead vocals
David Spinozza - Guitar
Hugh McCracken - Guitar
Gordon Edwards - Bass
Kenny Asher - Keyboard
Rick Marotta - Drums
Arthur Jenkins Jr. - Percussion
"It Happened" begins with John and Yoko talking as they stroll through Central Park.
It had been intended for the "Feeling The Space" album but there wasn't room for it. During the recording of the A-side in late November 1980, John rediscovered this old track amongst some of Yoko's tapes. He thought it could be a hit, so he decided to edit it and re-mix it. Before John was gunned down the plan was to issue these two tracks on a 12" single along with two from Yoko's contributions to "Double Fantasy". The E.P. was to be called "Yoko Only".
Yoko decided to continue with releasing the two un-issued tracks as a tribute to John, but dropped the E.P. format.

The sleeve includes an excellent piece written by Yoko on 24th January 1981 on the rear, and an insert containg full credits and the song lyrics.

The run-out groove on both sides contain the etching "STRAWBERRY".

A cassette single was advertised as released at the same time, with a bonus third track.
Bonus track is: "Hard Times Are Over".
It came in a card cigarette flip-top style slip case with a sleeve note of Yoko telling the story of the making of the record.

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