That Means A Lot   b/w   My Prayer

P. J. Proby

That Means A Lot That Means A Lot - Label
That Means A Lot That Means A Lot - Label
The Beatles Contribution:  Composers
Label Liberty
Catalogue No. LIB 10215
Release Date 17th September 1965
U.K. Singles Chart Detail :
Entry Date :30th September 1965
Highest Position :30
Weeks in Chart :6
Detail :
Side A    Side B

Controversial pony-tailed, trouser-splitting teen idol, P.J. Proby (b.1938 as James Marcus Smith in Texas) found success when he relocated to England and adopted "Tom Jones" attire (the film, not the Welsh singer !). He had five chart hits before this one, and six more after, spending a total of 91 weeks in the chart.

The Beatles did actually record this track, it was planned for the "Help!" film. They had two attempts at it, firstly on 20th February 1965 when 2 takes were made, and then again on 30th March 1965 when five more takes were made in a different style, closer to Proby's version.
Take 1 can be heard on the legitimate release Anthology 2. All the takes can be found on a variety of bootlegs, Mythology Vol. 2 being one of the best.

P.J. Proby actually recorded his version in Abbey Road just eight days later on 7th April 1965, produced by Ron Richards, the musical accompaniment was arranged and conducted by George Martin.

"That Means A Lot" is one of 20 songs that can be found on the essential E.M.I. album, The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away.

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