The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away

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The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away - Front cover The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away - Rear Cover
The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away - Front Cover The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away - Rear Cover
The Beatles Contribution:  Composers
Label E.M.I.
Catalogue No. NUT 18
TC-NUT 18 (cassette)
0C 054-07 003 (International L.P. number)
Release date 18th April 1979
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : An essential album (unless you already have all the singles !)

This album concerns itself with material written by John and/or Paul quite early in their career.
As a rule the Beatles did NOT write songs specifically for other artists to perform, almost all songs were written as potential tracks for The Beatles.
But if requests came in for material, they would simply pick something out from the "spare" songs.
Of course, most requests would be turned down, but it was almost impossible to refuse Brian Epstein himself.
Brian, appreciating the hit writing capabilities of his star performers, would often ask for something to be tailored to launch many of his new signings.
In this way he arranged for Lennon-McCartney to supply songs for the initial recordings of: Billy J. Kramer, Tommy Quickly, The Fourmost, and Cilla Black.

Of course, this album is by no means complete (Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, to name two), but serves as a
terrific example of the early writing talents of Lennon and McCartney.

The sleeve concept was by Colin Miles, with the artwork and design by Adam Yeldham.

Side 1

No. Artiste Track Composer Release date/Catalogue No + Info
1 Ringo Starr I`m The Greatest Lennon 23/11/1973 - Apple PCTC 252
See the album Ringo
2 The Strangers
with Mike Shannon
One And One Is Two Lennon-McCartney 08/05/1964 - Philips BF 1335
Did not chart.
3 Billy J. Kramer
with The Dakotas
From A Window Lennon-McCartney 17/07/1964 - Parlophone R 5156
See From A Window
4 Peter and Gordon Nobody I Know Lennon-McCartney 29/05/1964 - Columbia DB 7292
See Nobody I Know
5 The Applejacks Like Dreamers Do Lennon-McCartney 05/06/1964 - Decca F 11916
See Like Dreamers Do
6 Billy J. Kramer
with The Dakotas
I'll Keep You Satisfied Lennon-McCartney 01/11/1963 - Parlophone R 5073
see I'll Keep You Satisfied
7 Cilla Black Love Of The Loved Lennon-McCartney 27/09/1963 - Parlophone R 5065
See Love Of The Loved
8 Peter and Gordon Woman Webb 11/02/1966 - Columbia DB 7834
Notice the composer ? ... Paul decided to try an experiment to see if his songs were strong enough to sell off their own back, WITHOUT a Beatle name against it. "Woman" became the lowest chart performing release for Peter and Gordon only reaching No. 28.
9 Tommy Quickly Tip Of My Tongue Lennon-McCartney 30/07/1963 - Picadilly 7N 35137
Failed to chart, although later in 1964, Tommy reached the lower reaches of the chart wih "Wild Side OF Life".
10 The Fourmost I'm In Love Lennon-McCartney 15/11/1963 - Parlophone R 5078
See I'm In Love

Side 2

No. Artiste Track Composer Release date/Catalogue No + Info
1 The Fourmost Hello Little Girl McCartney-Lennon 30/08/1963 - Parlophone R 5056
See Hello Little Girl
2 P.J. Proby That Means A Lot Lennon-McCartney 17/09/1965 - Liberty 10215
Already a big hit artist, this was his sixth release, and reached no.30 in the chart.
The Beatles did actually record this track on 20th February 1965, it can be heard on Anthology 2.
3 Cilla Black It's For You Lennon-McCartney 31/07/1964 - Parlophone R 5162
Her fourth release, following two chart-toppers, reached no.7
4 Carlos Mendes Penina McCartney 18/071969 - Parlophone QMSP 16459
A song given to Carlos by Paul when he was on holiday in Portugal. Released only in Portugal.
5 Cilla Black Step Inside Love Lennon-McCartney 08/03/1968 - Parlophone R 5674
Reached no.8 in the chart.
Paul made a recording of this song on 16th September 1968 as can be heard on Anthology 3.
6 Peter and Gordon World Without Love Lennon-McCartney 28/02/1964 - Columbia DB 7225
The first non-NEMS artists to be given a Beatles song.
See World Without Love
7 Billy J. Kramer
with The Dakotas
Bad To Me Lennon-McCartney 26/07/1963 - Parlophone R 5049
see Bad To Me
8 Peter and Gordon I Don't Want To See You Again Lennon-McCartney 11/09/1964 - Columbia DB 7356
Failed to chart.
9 Billy J. Kramer
with The Dakotas
I'll Be On My Way McCartney-Lennon 26/04/1963 - Parlophone R 5023
See I'll Be On My Way
10 The Chris Barber Band Catcall McCartney 20/101967 - Marmalade 598-005
Did not chart. This tune was also known as "Catswalk".

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