Ringo Starr
Tommy - Box Cover
Tommy - Box Cover
Tommy - Inside Gatefold
Tommy - Inside Gatefold
Tommy - Outside Gatefold
Tommy - Outside Gatefold
The Beatles Contribution:  Ringo is a guest vocalist on two tracks..
Label Ode
Catalogue No. ODE 99001
Release date 24th November 1972
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : I`m surprised, but I couldn`t find any chart entry for this album (?)
Detail : The Who's rock opera "Tommy" as performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir with Guest Soloists.
Produced by Lou Reizner.
London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir conducted and directed by David Measham.
Arrangements by Wil Malone with additional arrangements by James Sullivan.
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London.

Ringo recorded his two tracks for this epic double album in September 1972.

Characters (in order of appearance):
Narrator - Pete Townshend
Nurse - Sandy Denny
Lover - Graham Bell
Father - Stevie Winwood
Mother - Maggie Bell
Hawker - Richie Havens
Acid Queen - Merry Clayton
Tommy - Roger Daltrey
Cousin Kevin - John Entwistle
Uncle Ernie - Ringo Starr
Local Lad - Rod Stewart
Doctor - Richard Harris.

In 1972, following the immense success of the original "Tommy", Lou Reizner decided to produce a full-blown orchestral version of the rock opera featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and an assemblage of wel-known rock stars. This 1972 recording substitutes the original's muscular rock rhythms with a classical backing and supplies the first glimpses of a Tommy with fully realized characterizations. Notably Rod Stewart's dynamic ''Pinball Wizard'' and Maggie Bell's roof-raising, vixenish stylings as Tommy's mother.

In December 1972 members of the Who joined an all star cast for a live performance of Lou Reizner's "Tommy" at The Rainbow Theatre in London.

The spectre of the deaf, dumb and blind pinball wizard Tommy Walker was to dominate The Who's career before taking on a life of his own. After this all-star recorded extravaganza produced by Lou Reizner, there was a motion picture directed by the master of cinematic excess, Ken Russell in 1974.

A C.D. became available in August 1990 on Essential with catalogue number ESSCD 029 (+ cassette ESSMC 029).
It was re-released on C.D. in June 1996, again on Essential with catalogue number ESMCD 404.

Side 1

Track Artist Time
Overture London Symphony Orchestra
Pete Townshend
It's A Boy Sandy Denny 2:27
1921 Graham Bell
Stevie Winwood
Maggie Bell
Roger Daltrey
Amazing Journey Pete Townshend 3:14
Sparks London Symphony Orchestra 3:21
Eyesight To The Blind Richie Havens 2:30
Christmas Stevie Winwood
Roger Daltrey

Side 2

Track Artist Time
Cousin Kevin John Entwistle 4:22
The Acid Queen Merry Clayton 3:48
Underture London Symphony Orchestra 4:38
Do You Think It's Alright Maggie Bell
Stevie Winwood
Fiddle About Ringo Starr 1:25
Pinball Wizard Rod Stewart 3:46

Side 3

Track Artist Time
There's A Doctor I've Found Stevie Winwood 2:47
Go To The Mirror Boy Richard Harris
Roger Daltrey
Stevie Winwood
Tommy Can You Hear Me ? Maggie Bell 1:50
Smash The Mirror Maggie Bell 1:25
I'm Free Roger Daltrey 2:31
Miracle Cure Chambre Choir 0:11
Sensation Roger Daltrey 2:36

Side 4

Track Artist Time
Sally Simpson Pete Townshend 5:12
Welcome Roger Daltrey 4:42
Tommy's Holiday Camp Ringo Starr 2:21
We're Not Gonna Take It Roger Daltrey 2:24
See Me, Feel Me Roger Daltrey 3:04

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