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Starpeace - Front Cover Starpeace - Rear Cover
Starpeace - Front Cover Starpeace - Rear Cover

The Beatles Contribution:  John - Inspiration
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. 827 530-1
827 530-2 (C.D.)
827 530-4 (cassette)
Release Date 22nd November 1985
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Yoko's seventh solo album release, and her third solo album since John's murder.
Produced by Bill Laswell and Yoko.

It was recorded at Right Track Recording, New York in 1985 with the following personnel:
Yoko Ono - Solo Vocals
Sean Ono Lennon - Vocal (Starpeace)
Bernie Worrell - Keyboards
Jeff Bova - Keyboards
Eddie Martinez - Guitar, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar
Shankar - Violin
Robbie Shakespeare - Bass
Sly Dunbar - Simmons drums, syn drums, percussion
            Tony Williams - Drums, Simmons drums, Gretsch drums
Aiyb Dieng - Percussion
Daniel Ponce - Percussion
Anton Fier - Paiste percussion
Tony Levin - Whistle
Bernard Fowler - Backing vocals
Yolanda Lee Lewis - Backing Vocals
Nona Hendryx - Backing Vocals

All the compositions on the album are by Yoko.

On it's release date a video clip is shown on The Tube of the track "Hell In Paradise".

The cover design was by Yoko, with art direction by Bill Levy and layout by George Corsillo.
Photography was by Francesco Scavullo.
Computer graphics by Maureen Nappi, VCA Teletronics.

The album comes in an inner sleeve upon which are the lyrics and a long written piece by Yoko dated June 1985 called "Rainbow Revelation".
The record label is the standard Polydor label of the period.

Earth is our haven, laughter and joy.
Earth is our paradise we live to enjoy

     An Earth Play
     For Sun and Air.

Air Side

Track Time
Hell In Paradise 3:27
I Love All Of Me 3:53
Children Power 2:26
Rainbow Revelation 3:17
The King Of The Zoo 3:10
Remember Raven 2:12

Be Side

Track Time
Cape Clear 4:52
Sky People 3:46
You And I 3:01
It's Gonna Rain (Living On Tiptoe) 3:42
Starpeace 3:17
I Love You Earth 2:40

Further Release Information

The album was Deleted in March 1987.

Re-issue C.D.

26th August 1997, the C.D. is re-issued on Rykodisc with catalogue number RCD 10423,
Remixed by Yoko and Rob Stevens with digital editing by Paul Goodrich.
It adds one bonus track:
Track Detail
Imagine Yoko Ono - vocal.
Steven Scales - percussion.
Leigh Foxx - bass.
Philip Asheley - keyboards.
Benny Gramm - drums.
Jimmy Rip - guitar.
Mark Rivera - keyboard.
Recorded live during Starpeace World Tour in Budapest, Hungary, 15th March 1986 in front of 25,000.

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