Off The Beatle Track

The George Martin Orchestra

Off The Beatle Track - Front cover Off The Beatle Track - Rear Cover
Off The Beatle Track - Front Cover Off The Beatle Track - Rear Cover

The Beatles Contribution: Composers
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PMC 1227 (mono)
PCS 3057 (stereo)
TA-PMC 1227 (reel-to-reel)
Release date 10th July 1964
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Orchestral instrumental versions of The Beatles big hits by The George Martin Orchestra.

Whilst trying to think of a title for the first Beatles album, George Martin came up with "Off The Beatle Track".
Although this idea was rejected, clearly Mr. Martin liked the title and used it himself in 1964 for this outing.

One single was released from this L.P. - "I Saw Her Standing There" b/w "All My Loving" (Parlophone R 5135).

The sleeve notes on the rear of the album are by John Lennon. Here are some quotes from it :
"George Martin is a tall man, he is also a musician with short hair."
"Us Beatles are genuinely flattered that a 'real musician' as we call him should turn his talents to arranging an L.P. of our songs."
"Some of the sounds on the album may be new to you, like a jews harp and a twelve stringed finger, but the results are great and I think he should get a raise."

"Good George Martin is our friend
Buddy, Pal and Mate.
Buy this record and he'll send
A dog for your front gate."
                                         by the Beatles a band.


Side 1

Track Composer
All My Loving Lennon-McCartney
Don't Bother Me Harrison
Can't Buy Me Love Lennon-McCartney
All I've Got To Do Lennon-McCartney
I Saw Her Standing There Lennon-McCartney
She Loves You Lennon-McCartney

Side 2

Track Composer
From Me To You Lennon-McCartney
There's A Place Lennon-McCartney
This Boy Lennon-McCartney
Please Please Me Lennon-McCartney
Little Child Lennon-McCartney
I Want To Hold Your Hand Lennon-McCartney

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