It's Alright (I See Rainbows)

Yoko Ono

It's Alright - Front Cover It's Alright - Rear Cover
It's Alright (I See Rainbows) - Front Cover It's Alright (I See Rainbows) - Rear Cover

The Beatles Contribution:  John - Inspiration
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. POLD 5073
POLDC 5073 (cassette)
Release Date 16th December 1982
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Yoko's sixth solo album release, and it was quite well-received by the U.K. music press.
Produced and arranged by Yoko.

It was recorded at the Hit Factory, New York in the latter half of 1982 with the following personnel:
Lead vocals and harmony -
      Yoko Ono
Synthesizers -
      Pete Cannarozzi
      Paul Griffin
Guitars -
      Elliot Randall
      John Tropea
Keyboards -
      Paul Griffin
      Michael Holmes
      Paul Schaffer
Bass Guitar -
      Neil Jason
            Drums -
      Yogi Horton
      Alan Schwartzberg
Percussion -
      Rubens Bassini
      David A. Friedman
      Sammy Figeroa
      Roger Squitero
Backing Vocals -
      Gordon Grody
      Kurt Yahjian
      Carlos Alomar
Tabla -
      Roy Badal
Tuba, Bari Sax -
      Howard Johnson

All the compositions on the album are by Yoko alone, inspired by John but not featuring him except in the middle eight of "Never Say Goodbye", when John can be heard shouting Yoko's name with Yoko and Sean talking. At the end of the song it is Sean's voice that says "Looks like a gigantic plum". Sean is heard again at the start of side 2 trying to wake Yoko.

The cover design was by Yoko, with photography by Bob Gruen, and artwork by Bill Levy and Bob Heimall. The evocative rear cover has a 1982 picture of Yoko and Sean taken in Central Park with a superimposed picture of John taken in 1980.
The very small print on the front cover (just left of Yoko's chin) says:
     "I think of the last fifty years as a prelude to my life - Y.O."
The very small yellow print at the bottom of the rear cover says:
     "Keepers of the wishing well".

The album comes in a stiff card inner sleeve upon which are the lyrics and dedications.
The record label is the standard Polydor label of the period.

This album was made with your love and prayers. Thank you. Love, Yoko

     An Air Play
     By Yoko Ono

Side 1

Track Time
My Man 3:57
Never Say Goodbye 4:25
Spec Of Dust 3:31
Loneliness 3:48
Tomorrow May Never Come 2:25

Side 2

Track Time
It's Alright 4:24
Wake Up 3:46
Let The Tears Dry 3:22
Dream Love 4:55
I See Rainbows 3:13

Further Issues

The album was Deleted in January 1988.


26th August 1997, a first C.D. issue on Rykodisc with catalogue number RCD 10422,
Remixed by Yoko and Rob Stevens with digital editing by Paul Goodrich.
It adds two bonus tracks:
Track Detail Time
Beautiful Boys Recorded on cassette, Dakota period 2:00
You're The One Previously unreleased version from the Milk and Honey sessions. 4:50

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