London Undersound

Nitin Sawhney
London Undersound - Front Cover London Undersound - Rear Cover
London Undersound - Front Cover London Undersound - Rear Cover

Label Positiv-Id
Catalogue No. POSITIVIDCD 001
Release Date 13th October 2008
Total Time 44:25
Comments: Paul contributes to two tracks on the album, although he's not referenced on one, but it is his voice on Interlude no.1.
Track 5, My Soul, is written by Nitin Sawhney and Paul McCartney.
Paul sings lead vocals and plays Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar.

From C.D. Liner Notes:

Everyday is full of representations - from politicians, the media and the power of rumour.
From bizarre justifications for war to issues of race, nationality, religion and cultural identity, we are saturated constantly with information and second-hand opinion.

On 7th July 2005 a bomb exploded on a London bus.
A singer and friend of mine, Natty, was there.
Two weeks later he was present at the shooting of a Brazilian man - Jean Charles De Menezes.
Last year we wrote a song together.

Natty, like myself, feels something indefinable has shifted.

London's heartbeat has changed.

Within that heartbeat lies a feeling, a collective consciousness, the uniting hum of disparate voices waiting to be heard. A sound.

This is a collection of thoughts, ideas, feelings and catharsis in a city of immense diversity, imagination and beliefs. Featuring a whole range of artists, some less known, some celebrated, this music attempts to capture a zeitgeist and common humanity that pervades superficial divides.
Featuring performances from Natty, Reena Bhardwaj, Ojos De Brujo, Anoushka Shankar, Roxanne Tataei, Tina Grace, Aruba Red, Imogen Heap, Faheem Mazhar and Paul McCartney with specially contributed artwork from Antony Gormley,
This is an album of collaboration .....
to capture the London I know.
                                                      NITIN SAWHNEY.

Arranged and produced by Nitin Sawhney.
Mixed by Nitin Sawhney with Dean of Monumental Productions.
Recorded, Mixed and engineered at The Hive, London.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Metropolis Studios, London.
Urban Soul Orchestra (12 piece) led by Stephen Hussey. Recorded at Fish Factory Studios.
Drawings by Antony Gormley.
Album Artwork Design by Rob Crane.
All songs published by Imagem.

Dedicated to Ronald Gray in memory of his all-embracing humanity (1920 - 2008)


The sleeve folds out into three faces, with the c.d. housed in the rightmost side.
The central part has a pocket that is home to a 24-page booklet.
The booklet contains lyrics to each vocal track and lists the personnel on each track.
It also includes more of Anthony Gormley's artwork on every page.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Time
1 Days Of Fire
      Featuring Natty
2 October Daze
      Featuring Tina Grace
3 Bring It Home
      Featuring Imogen Heap
4 Interlude 1 - Ghost Image
5 My Soul
      Featuring Paul McCartney
6 Interlude 2 - Soledad
7 Distant Dreams
      Featuring Roxanne Tataei
8 Interlude 3 - Street Sounds
9 Shadowland
      Featuring Ojos De Brujo
10 Daybreak
      Featuring Faheem Mazhar
11 Interlude 4 - Identity
12 EK Jaan
      Featuring Reena Bhardwaj
13 Transmission
      Featuring Tina Grace
14 Interlude 5 - Tension
15 Last Train To Midnight
      Featuring Aruba Red
16 Interlude 6 - Ronald Gray
17 Firmament
18 Charu Keshi Rain
      Featuring Anoushka Shankar

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