We Are The Moles (Part 1)   b/w   We Are The Moles (Part 2)

The Moles

We Are The Moles - A-side Label We Are The Moles - B-side Label
We Are The Moles - A-side Label We Are The Moles - B-side Label
The Beatles Contribution:  Publicity
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 5743
Matrix No.'s 7XCE 21230-1 (Stampers "KT" & "1")
7XCE 21231-1 (Stampers "KT" & "1")
Release Date 15th November 1968
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : ... did NOT chart
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(The Moles)
(The Moles)

At one time thought to have been produced by George Martin
When The Beatles were suspected to be behind this release, Ringo was assumed to be lead singer.
Note that the catalogue number and date place the release bang in-between Hey Jude and Get Back.

Allegedly the tape of the recording for this single was left in a train station locker and the key sent to a major English music publication with a letter stating that the tape should be released on ther Parlophone label.
This story is unlikely and the truth is simply that a publicity rumour was circulated to the music press and to Disc Jockeys that it was recorded by The Beatles and for a short time it was known as "The Beatles in Disguise".
The record was doing quite well picking up sales, when Syd Barrett gave the game away.
Interest immediately waned in The Moles.

After Syd's revelation the perpatrators, Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, admitted the stunt. They were:
Derek Shulman (Simon Dupree !) - Lead vocals
Ray Shulman - Guitar, vocals, violin, trumpet
Phil Shulman - Saxaphone, trumpet, vocals
Tony Ransley - Drums and percussion
Pete O'Flaherty - Bass
Eric Hine - Keyboards, mellotron
In more recent compilations the real composers are listed as King/Shulman. The song had been recorded at Trident Studios.

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