Beatle Originals

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Beatle Originals - Front cover Beatle Originals - Rear Cover
Beatle Originals - Front Cover Beatle Originals - Rear Cover
Beatle Originals - Inner Sleeve
Beatle Originals - Inner Sleeve

Label Rhino
Catalogue No. RNLP 70071
Release date 1986
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart.
Detail : The original versions of the songs that the Beatles made famous.
Not one note written or sung by the Beatles appears on this platter, and yet every tune is familiar to us all.

This is a brilliant essential release collecting together the original versions of those classic Beatle covers. You will have noticed that this is not complete, the more readily available and easily accessible tracks have been left off. Tracks like the Beatles Motown covers, "Please Mr. Postman", You Really Got A Hold On Me", "Twist and Shout" and "Money", the Chuck Berry classics "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Rock 'n' Roll Music", Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally", and the old guard standards like "A Taste of Honey" and "Til There Was You".

Proving what a good ear the Beatles had for a tune, not one of these featured tracks was a Top 40 hit in their home country !

Compilation was by Richard Foos and Gary Stewart.
Extensive sleeve notes by Don Waller (author of "The Motown Story" Scribners, 1985).
Art Direction by Don Brown.
Design by Lou Ann Thesing.

Side 1

Track Artist
Dizzy Miss Lizzy Larry Williams
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby Carl Perkins
Bad Boy Larry Williams
Devil In His Heart The Donays
Boys The Shirelles
Anna (Go To Him) Arthur Alexander
Matchbox Carl Perkins

Side 2

Track Artist
Slow Down Larry Williams
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Little Richard
Mr. Moonlight Dr. Feelgood and the Interns
Words Of Love Buddy Holly and the Crickets
Act Naturally Buck Owens
Honey Don't Carl Perkins

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