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Beatlesongs - Front cover Beatlesongs - Rear Cover
Beatlesongs - Front Cover Beatlesongs - Rear Cover
Label Rhino
Catalogue No. RNLP 803
Release date 1982
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : A collection of (mostly) American Beatle novelty songs, this album was released here on Import in 1982.
The cover tells us that there were over 200 just in the early 60's alone, and that this album is the first anthology of it's kind.
It does provide an interesting look at the phenomenon, and this collection should be approached not for timeless musical value, but for it's amusement potential.

The compilation is by Ken Barnes, Richard Foos and Harold Bronson.

The sleeve (designed and drawn by William Stout) includes a terrific letter from Dudley Moore about L.S. Bumble Bee,
in which he states that he wrote it to satirize the Beach Boys, and was surprised that some thought it may have been the
Beatles on the recording rather than him.

An album worth having.

Side 1

Track Artist Artist Information Time
The Invasion Buchanan and Greenfield Bill Buchanan was the co-creator of the first "break-in" hit in 1956, "The Flying Saucer".
Howard Greenfield was the lyricist for most of Neil Sedaka's early hits.
This piece is about America being invaded by four mops !
Hold My Hand The Rutles First track of the fabulous Rutles album, say no more ! 2:31
We Love You Beatles The Carefrees A girl group from England where this track was released on Oriole (CB 1916) but was not a hit. It did chart in the U.S. where it reached no.39 on 11th April 1964 on London International 10614. 2:18
My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut Donna Lynn Donna faced losing her boyfriend to mobs of screaming girls when he got his Beatle haircut. So "to keep him true/I got a Beatle haircut too". 2:12
Letter From Elaina Casey Kasem American D.J. Casey Kasem narrates a heart-warming tale of Elaina skulking around a concert hall to get a hug from her favourite Beatle ... George. 3:16
Beatlemania Jack Nitzsche A sterling example of an instrumental Beatles novelty, when the famous producer, arranger/composer interweaves three Beatle riffs with his own composition "Needles and Pins" (a hit here for The Searchers). 2:10

Side 2

Track Artist Artist Information Time
Beatle Rap The Qworymen Each "Beatle" does a short autobiographical monologue. 3:55
L.S. Bumble Bee Peter Cook and Dudley Moore See L.S. Bumble Bee 2:42
I'm The Meany Wild Man Fischer The Wild Man was a Frank Zappa discovery, who was so affected by his favourite group's film "Yellow Submarine" that he was moved to write this song. 1:20
Pop Hates The Beatles Allan Sherman Famous for "Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh", Alan Sherman was adroit a spotting a fad. 3:04
Letter To The Beatles The Four Preps They satirized Dion and other early 60's hitmakers in the past, and here The Four Preps took a stab at the Beatles commercialism. 2:48
The Beetle Gary Usher Co-writer of a number of Beach Boy hits, here Usher invented a dance called "The Beetle". 1:54

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