John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert

Original Cast Recording, with Barbara Dickson

John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - Front cover John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - Rear Cover
John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - Front Cover John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - Rear Cover
John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - A-side John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert - B-side
John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert
Front of Theatre Programme
John Paul George Ringo ... & Bert
Programme Page 3 + Ticket Stub
The Beatles Contribution:  Inspiration and Composers
Label R.S.O.
Catalogue No. 2394 141
3216 041 (cassette)
3803 041 (8 track)
Release date 1974
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : A cast recording of the Willy Russell play as performed from 15th August 1974 at the Lyric Theatre An acurate and honest account of the group's rise and fall(?), culminating in an abortive attempt to stage a reunion concert. The show was notable for it's ironic juxtaposition of songs against dialogue, and the author's sparkling Liverpool humour.

George is the only Beatle to attend the opening, but he can't have been happy with what he saw, because he walked out during the intermission and then withdrew permission for the use of "Here Comes The Sun" (which is on this L.P.). It was replaced in the show by "Good Day Sunshine".

A full cast list is included on the cover, which includes the well known names of George Costigan (Bert), Bernard Hill (John Lennon), and Trevor Eve (Paul McCartney). The main singer is Barbara Dickson who remained in the show until August 1975, and in among the additional vocals one can spot the names of Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan.

The run-out groove on the A-side contains the immortal etching of "PORKY", the B-side has "PECKO".

I also have an original programme of the show with a ticket stub. Plus, tucked inside the sleeve I have a newspaper cutting of a report made after the 100th performance.

Side 1

No. Track Performer
1 I Should Have Known Better Barbara Dickson
2 Your Mother Should Know Barbara Dickson
3 Ooee Boppa Tiny Tina (Luan Peters) and the Titular 3
4 With A Little Help From My Friends Barbara Dickson
5 Penny Lane Barbara Dickson
6 In The Bleak Midwinter Barbara Dickson
7 Here Comes The Sun Barbara Dickson
8 The Long And Winding Road Barbara Dickson

Side 2

No. Track Performer
1 Clap and Cheer The Cast
2 Help ! Barbara Dickson
3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Barbara Dickson
4 You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight Barbara Dickson
5 We Can Work It Out Barbara Dickson
6 I Will Be Your Love Leroy Lover ("Bert")
7 A Day In The Life Barbara Dickson

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