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The Beatles Contribution:  No Beatle had any part in this album.
Label Apple
Catalogue No. SAPCOR 16
Release date 27th November 1970
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Badfinger :
   Pete Ham (1947-1975) - Guitar, piano, vocals
   Tom Evans (1947-1983) - Bass, vocals
   Joey Molland (1947) - Guitar, vocals
   Mike Gibbins (1949) - Drums
All songs written and arranged by Badfinger
Produced by Geoff Emerick, except tracks 5 on each side which were Mal Evans.

Excerpts from C.D. Liner Notes
The first Badfinger album, Magic Christian Music had been a conglomeration of songs from their earlier Iveys incarnation, songs for The Magic Christian film, and assorted new material. This time around, Pete, Tom, Mike and new member Joey, would record an entire L.P. as a unit.
The first song to be presented to the public was "No Matter What" as their follow-up single to "Come And Get It". It differed radically from it's predecessor and stands on it's own as a rock classic. It was a Top Ten hit everywhere.
Soon after the No Dice album followed. The Beatles influence lessened and a stronger rock flavour was presented.
No Dice sold better than their previous outings and remains the group's highest charting album. As with the first album, there was no second song selected for a single release, but singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson recorded a classic cover version of Pete and Tom's Without You which topped the charts everywhere.

The original sleeve design was by Gene Mahon and Richard DiLello/Joint Effort, with photographs by Richard DiLello.

In October 1991 the album was digitally remastered from the original two-track stereo master mix tapes by Ron Furmanek, and engineered by Mike Jarratt at Abbey Road Studios.
This re-issue has an 8-page booklet with some sleeve notes written by Steve Kolanjian.
The re-issue package was designed by Phill Smee at Waldo's Design.
The 1991 c.d. has a catalogue number of CDSAPCOR 16 (CDP 7 98698 2).

The Bonus Tracks
Friends Are Hard To Find is from Mal Evans sessions.
Get Down was originally attempted with Mal but the version here was overseen by Geoff Emerick.
The remaining three songs were all produced by Emerick for a follow-up album that was never released ... see the write-up in Straight Up.

To see where this album release sits in the apple releases, see the Apple Records Album Listing.

Side 1

No. Track Composer Time
1 I Can't Take It   Pete Ham 2:54
2 I Don't Mind Tom Evans   3:13
3 Love Me Do Joey Molland 2:57
4 Midnight Caller Pete Ham 2:48
5 No Matter What   Pete Ham 2:59
6 Without You Tom Evans-Pete Ham 4:42

Side 2

No. Track Composer Time
1 Blodwyn Pete Ham 3:24
2 Better Days Tom Evans-Joey Molland   3:59
3 It Had To Be Mike Gibbins 2:27
4 Watford John   Tom Evans-Pete Ham-Mike Gibbins-Joey Molland   3:21
5 Believe Me Tom Evans 2:58
6 We're For The Dark   Pete Ham 3:51

1991 Digital Remaster - Bonus Tracks (All Previously Unreleased)
No. Track Composer Time
13 Get Down Tom Evans-Mike Gibbins-Pete Ham-Joey Molland   3:43
14 Friends Are Hard To Find   Joey Molland   2:28
15 Mean Mean Jemima Joey Molland   3:41
16 Loving You Mike Gibbins 2:51
17 I'll Be The One Tom Evans-Pete Ham-Joey Molland-Mike Gibbins   2:54

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