Ass - Front cover Ass - Rear Cover
Ass - Front Cover Ass - Rear Cover
Ass - Inner Sleeve
Ass - Inner Sleeve
Ass - C.D. Front cover Ass - C.D. Rear Cover
Ass - C.D. Front Cover Ass - C.D. Rear Cover

The Beatles Contribution:  No Beatle had any part in this album.
Label Apple
Catalogue No. SAPCOR 27
Release date 8th March 1974
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Badfinger :
   Pete Ham (1947-1975) - Guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals
   Tom Evans (1947-1983) - Bass, vocals
   Joey Molland (1947) - Guitar, piano, vocals
   Mike Gibbins (1949) - Drums, vocals
All songs written and arranged by Badfinger
Produced by Chris Thomas and Badfinger, except tracks 4 on each side which were Todd Rundgren.

Although all the songs on the album were originally credited to Badfinger as a collective, they were in fact solo composing efforts as shown on the tracklisting below.

"Ass" was the last album Badfinger recorded for Apple. In the U.K. it has the undeserved distintion of being the most obscure. With no hit singles it is rarely written about and even more rarely played.
The sessions for this album began in September 1972 at Apple's newly refurbished studios in the basement of 3, Saville Row, and were completed by May 1973 after a period spanning five separate recording studios, The release was held up by legal proceedings which had followed Badfinger's departure from Apple and it was finally issued around the same time as their first on Warner Brothers called "Badfinger". Both appearing together diluted the reception of both collections.

The first track to be recorded was "Do You Mind", which was eventually rejected from the final line-up. It was attempted three times during the sessions and one of those appears on the 1996 remastered re-issue as a perfectly suited bonus track.

It was in the middle of the sessions for Ass that Badfinger signed to Warner Brothers, on a promise of a million dollars. Pete Ham, in particular, had been reluctant to leave Apple as he saw it as not just a record label, but a spiritual home. But with Apple streamlining itself and a huge advance cheque from Warners dangling in front of their eyes, the decision was all but made for them. Pete exorcised his anguish about the break in a song which was issued as the only single to be taken from Ass, and was a fitting final release by the label ... "Apple Of My Eye".
Of course, another reference to the split can be seen on the front cover of the album.

The sleeve design was by Peter Corriston and David Heffernan, with photographs by Tony Beresford-Cooke and Peter Corriston.

In September 1996 the album was digitally remastered from the original two-track stereo master mix tapes by Ron Furmanek, and engineered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios.
This re-issue was released on vinyl with some very detailed and lengthy sleeve notes written by Andy Davis.
And on c.d. with a catalogue number of CDSAPCOR 27 (7243 8 53899 2 4) with the same sleeve notes in an 8-page booklet.

To see where this album release sits in the apple releases, see the Apple Records Album Listing.

Side 1

No. Track Composer Time
1 Apple Of My Eye   Peter Ham 3:06
2 Get Away Joey Molland   3:59
3 Icicles Joey Molland 2:32
4 The Winner Joey Molland 3:18
5 Blind Owl Tom Evans 3:00

Side 2

No. Track Composer Time
1 Constitution Joey Molland 2:58
2 When I Say Tom Evans 3:05
3 Cowboy Mike Gibbons   2:37
4 I Can Love You   Joey Molland 3:33
5 Timeless Peter Ham 7:39

1996 Digital Remaster - Bonus Track
No. Track Composer Time
11 Do You Mind Joey Molland 3:15

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