Is This What You Want ?

Jackie Lomax

Is This What You Want - Front Cover Is This What You Want - Rear Cover
Is This What You Want - Front Cover Is This What You Want - C.D. Rear Cover

The Beatles Contribution:  George Harrison Arranged and Produced the original album.
George also Arranged and Produced bonus tracks 14 and 17.
George also wrote Sour Milk Sea which was published by Harrisongs Ltd.
Paul McCartney Produced bonus tracks 15 and 16 and provided some instrumentation.
Ringo Starr also appeared, playing drums.
(bonus track 13 was Produced by Jackie Lomax and Mal Evans)
Label Apple
Catalogue No. SAPCOR 6
Release date 14th March 1969
U.K. L.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail : Jackie Lomax was the first act to sign for the Beatles Apple label.
George Harrison took responsibility for his recording career and wrote and produced his debut single, which features on this, his only Apple album.
Incidentally, Jackie also contributed the fourth (low) harmony part to Dear Prudence on THE BEATLES (The White Album).

The album was recorded in Trident and EMI Studios, London and Sound Recorders Studio, Los Angeles.
Engineers: Barry Sheffield & Pete Bown at Trident Studios, London.
                   Ken Scott & Geoff Emerick at EMI Studios, London
                   Armin Steiner at Sound Recorders Studios, Los Angeles
Cover design by Jackie Lomax.
Photographs by Richard Imrie.
Musicians appearing on the album along with Jackie Lomax (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion):
George Harrison (lead & rhythm guitars), Paul McCartney(bass) and Ringo Starr(drums).
Plus: Eric Clapton (lead guitar), Billy Preston (keyboards), Klaus Voorman(bass), Nicky Hopkins (piano), Leon Russell (keyboards,guitar, bass, percussion), John Barham (horn & string arrangements), Hal Blaine (drums), Alan Branscombe (tenor sax), Chris Hatfield (piano), Billy Kinsley (bass), Pete Clark (drums), Spike Heatley (stand-up bass), Larry Knechtel (keyboards), Bishop O'Brien (drums), Tony Newman (guitar), Joe Osborn (bass).
Special effects by Mal Evans, Bernie Krause, Paul Beaver and Alan Pariser.

Original 1969 Inner Sleeve Notes
Derek Taylor says:
"One first saw Jackie Lomax as a rocker in the early sixties out of Liverpool, thin and bony and young and full of energy and knowing what he was doing, really knowing what he was doing. He has had his successes and he has had his failures. He has grown older so that now he is 24 and he has grown stronger so that now he is strong and the energy, folks, the energy it is fierce indeed.
Jackie is where he belongs now, at Apple among friends who appreciate him and his fine fundamental rocking work-patterns. This is all one wants to say now, so now listen not to Jackie and then listen to his album. Most of all listen to his album."

Jackie Lomax says:
"... so there I was adding up sheets of Dock-Gatemen's wages when I decided to take up playing seriously and wound up in Germany. Six years later, this album is the result of that decision ... that's about it ..."

1991 Re-Master
In February 1991 the album was digitally remastered from the original two-track stereo master mix tapes and four- & eight-track master session tapes by Ron Furmanek, and engineered by Mike Jarratt at Abbey Road Studios.
The 1991 c.d. has the catalogue number of CDSAPCOR 6 (CDP 7 97581 2)
This re-issue also has some very detailed and lengthy sleeve notes and discography written by Steve Kolanjian, an exerpt of which follows here:
When Apple was formed George Harrison brought Jackie Lomax to the label and George recorded him in March 1968 on "Little Yellow Pills" and "Won't You Come Back". George liked his sound and wrote a song for him about meditation whilst in India titled "Sour Milk Sea". It was to be a star-studded recording session - George and Jackie on rhythm guitars were joined by Paul on bass, Eric Clapton on lead guitar, Ringo on drums and Nicky Hopkins on piano. At this session they also laid down "The Eagle Laughs At You". Those two tracks would comprise Jackie Lomax's first Apple single release.
Optimistic about it's success, George recorded three more numbers in August and September 1968, then Jackie and George trekked to Los Angeles to cut six more.
The finished album was released in March 1969.
That same month, Paul McCartney tried his hand at producing Jackie and recorded "Thumbin' A Ride" (an old Coasters tune). Jackie also recorded "Going Back To Liverpool". George was on hand to play on the sessions as was Billy Preston.
A month later, Jackie produced himself on "New Day" and with the help of Mal Evans the song turned out good enough to be the new single. In fact the American version of the album, which was delayed until May, added "New Day" in place of "How Can You Say Goodbye".
George Harrison wanted another crack at recording Jackie and in October 1969 booked some studio time and recorded "How The Web Was Woven". The track would become Jackie's third and final 45 on Apple.

Note that the release date above was taken from the Apple Record Catalogue of June 1973, but the 1991 re-issue c.d. says 21st March 1969.

To see where this album release sits in the apple releases, see the Apple Records Album Listing.

To locate Jackie's own website visit: Jackie Lomax.

Side 1

No. Track Composer Time
1 Speak To Me   Lomax 3:08
2 Is This What You Want ? Lomax 2:44
3 How Can You Say Goodbye   Lomax 4:11
4 Sunset Lomax 3:54
5 Sour Milk Sea Harrison   3:52
6 Fall Inside Your Eyes Lomax 3:08

Side 2

No. Track Composer Time
1 Little Yellow Pills Lomax 4:02
2 Take My Word Lomax 3:55
3 The Eagle Laughs At You   Lomax   2:24
4 Baby You're A Lover Lomax 3:02
5 You've Got Me Thinking Lomax 2:53
6 I Just Don't Know Lomax 2:52

1991 Digital Remaster - Bonus Tracks

13 New Day Lomax 3:15
14 Won't You Come Back
(Previously unreleased)
Lomax 4:10
15 Going Back To Liverpool
(Previously unreleased)
Lomax 3:07
16 Thumbin' A Ride Leiber-Stoller 3:56
17 How The Web Was Woven   Westlake-Most   3:50

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