T-Shirt   b/w   Holly Would

The Crickets

T-Shirt - Front Cover T-Shirt - Rear Cover
T-Shirt - Front Cover T-Shirt - Rear Cover
T-Shirt - Detail from cover
T-Shirt - Detail From Cover

The Beatles Contribution:  Paul produces, plays piano and supplies backing vocals.
Label C.B.S.
Catalogue No. TSH 1
Release Date 5th September 1988
U.K. Singles Chart Detail : Did NOT Chart
Detail :
Side A    Side B
(Jim Imray)
   Holly Would
(J.I. Allison)

Paul, being a lifelong fan of Buddy Holly and the Crickets was only too happy to produce and add some personal touches to this title track taken from the Crickets' T-Shirt L.P.

The Crickets (in 1988) were :

Jerry Allison - Vocals/Drums (born 12th March 1942, Liverpool)
Joe Mauldin - Vocals/Bass (born 9th May 1942, Bromborough)
Gordon Payne - Vocals/Guitar (born 9th June 1941, Liverpool)
Assisted by:
Paul McCartney, Jim Hom, Wayne Jackson and Denis Burnside.

Paul actually performed this song live with the Crickets on 7th September 1988. This was at a special lunch at Stefano's restaurant, London to launch the annual Buddy Holly week. To end the live set they are joined on stage by Linda, Chrissie Hynde, Mike Berry, Tony Prince and Mike Read and perform "Rave On".

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