Something For The Weekend ...
Paul McCartney's Glastonbury Groove

Paul McCartney
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Something For The Weekend - The C.D.
Something For The Weekend - The C.D.

Catalogue No. UNCUT 2004 07
Release Date 12th June 2004
Total Time 67:25
Comments: A free C.D. given away with the July 2004 edition of Uncut Magazine.

This fabulous C.D. was personally compiled by Paul for Uncut magazine under the title of,
"Something For The Weekend ... Paul McCartney's Glastonbury Groove".
It contains an eclectic mix of tracks, some classical, some instrumental, some oldies and others (including a track from George Harrison and from himself) ... but all personally chosen by Paul and showing a wide taste in style.
On page 8 of the magazine there is a full run-down of each track, so you'll have to buy the mag !

Also there is a 21 page interview and article with Paul called, "Tomorrow Never Knows" that contains an interview recorded in the spring of 2004 in a Los Angeles recording studio. Uncut also include some great pictures of Paul, from the very earliest up to the present day.

The C.D.

No Artist Track Time
1 James Taylor Mean Old Man 3:40
2 Brian Wilson God Only Knows (Live 2002) 2:46
3 Chinmaya Dunster & Vidroha Jamie Chance Meeting 4:59
4 Nitin Sawhney Sunset 4:33
5 Nat King Cole The Very Thought Of You 3:47
6 Maria Joao Pires Nocturne No.2 in E flat Major 4:18
7 Colin Hay Going Somewhere 2:35
8 Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary (Radioslave Mix) 6:18
9 Steadman Carried 3:38
10 The Julian Bream Consort Galliard 2:34
11 George Harrison Marwa Blues 3:38
12 LSO conducted by Lawrence Foster Spiral 8:33
13 Glenn Aitken The Way 3:41
14 Donovan Sunny Goodge Street 2:53
15 Fred Astaire Cheek To Cheek 3:16
16 Frank Sinatra A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 3:06
17 Paul McCartney Calico Skies 2:29

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