Mike "McGear" McCartney
McGear - Front cover
McGear - C.D.1 - Front and Rear Cover
McGear - Rear Cover
McGear - C.D.1 - Inside Gatefold
McGear - Front cover
McGear - C.D.2 - Front and Rear Cover
McGear - Rear Cover
McGear - C.D.2 - Inside Gatefold
McGear - Front cover
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McGear - Rear Cover
McGear - DVD - Inside Gatefold

Label Esoteric Recordings
Catalogue No.   ECLEC 32655 (Barcode: 5013929475540)
Release date 26th July 2019
Total time CD 1 - 50 minutes 32 seconds
CD 2 - 49 minutes 54 seconds
DVD - 100 minutes 36 seconds
Comments :                            McGear - Remastered Boxset

Contains Previously Unreleased Audio Material

Two CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD.
A newly remastered and expanded edition of the album, McGear by Mike McGear (Peter Michael McCartney).
Features 21 bonus tracks, including 13 previously unreleased outtakes and tracks alongside singles appearing on CD for the first time.
The set also includes a DVD featuring Mike (McGear) McCartney reminiscing at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts,
Plus an interview with Mike at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool and the 1974 promotional film for the single 'Leave It'.

Originally released in 1974, McGear was the second solo album by Mike McGear (McCartney) and
was a more "serious" record than his work with the Liverpool satirical trio Scaffold, or
his work with Roger McGough on the McGough & McGear album.

Recorded at Strawberry studios in Stockport, (the musical home of the band 10cc),
the album was produced by Paul McCartney (who also played on the album and co-wrote most of the material with Mike)
and featured Linda McCartney and members of Wings, along with guests such as Paddy ("Pipes") Moloney of The Chieftains.

The album featured a selection of tremendous songs such as 'Rainbow Lady', 'Simply Love You', 'Givin' Grease a Ride' and 'The Man Who Found God on the Moon'.
McGear also featured an inspired cover of the Roxy Music song 'Sea Breezes', the evocative 'The Casket' and the hit single 'Leave It'.
The sessions also spawned a non-album single; 'Dance the Do' (which featured Vivian Stanshall).

Producer Paul McCartney
Arranged By [Brass Arrangement] Gerry Allison, Paul
Drums Denny Seiwell (tracks: CD1-4, CD2-2), Gerry Conway
Guitar [Leci Guitar] Jimmy McCulloch
Guitar [Leci Guitar], Harmony Vocals Denny Laine
Harmony Vocals Madeline Bell (tracks: CD2-12 & CD2-13), Roger Cook (tracks: CD2-12 & CD2-13)
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals Denny Laine
Mixed By Mike, Paul, Pete
Orchestra The Halle Orchestra
Pipe [Aeolian Pipes] Paddy "Pipes" Moloney (Chieftans)
Saxophone [Sax] Tony Coe (tracks: CD1-4, CD2-2)
Synthesizer [Moog], Harmony Vocals Linda
Vocals Vivian Stanshall (track: CD2-16)

Housed in a glossy clam shell box.
Three discs, each in their own gatefold sleeve.
Two fold-out posters.
A 30-page booklet

Disc 1

No. Title Track Detail Time
McGear - Remastered

1 Sea Breezes Brian Ferry 4:29
2 What Do We Really Know ? McCartney 3:47
3 Norton McGear-McCartney 2:35
4 Leave It McCartney 3:40
5 Have You Got Problems McGear-McCartney 6:14
6 The Casket McCartney-McGough 4:17
7 Rainbow Lady McGear-McCartney 3:25
8 Simply Love You McGear-McCartney 2:47
9 Givin' Grease A Ride McGear-McCartney 5:32
10 The Man Who Found God On The Moon McGear-McCartney 6:35
Bonus Tracks
11 Sweet Baby McGear-P & L McCartney 3:39
12 Dance The Do McGear-McCartney 2:57

Disc 2 - Outtakes and Odd Ditties

No. Title Track Detail Time
1 Sea Breezes (Without Orchestra) Ferry
A monitor mix before the Halle Orchestra overdub.
Paul on piano, plus Wings.
2 Leave It (Extended Version) McCartney
Mixed by Alan Parsons
Features an extended instrumental section with
Mike on cowbell and Paul on Electric guitar.
Over six and a half minutes, with two fades.
3 Dance The Do (Rough 1st Mix) McGear-McCartney
Mike's solo voice, with brass up-front
Paul on Moog and a Jimmy Mculloch guitar solo
4 What Do We Really Know ? (Monitor Mix) McCartney
First mix with more emphasis on the hard rock ending.
Features a Paul rare bass solo,
plus Gerry Conway and Danny Laine ace solos
5 Paddy Pipes 1 "The Casket" featured Uillean pipes by Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains.
This outtake was a warm-up by Paddy and conversation with Mike and Linda McCartney
6 Do Nothing All Day A-side of a June 1976 single.
Produced by Pete Wingfield who adds harmonies.
7 A to Z McGear
B-side of Do Nothing All Day (above)
The concept was for a Sesame Street style song to teach children the alphabet.
Features Mike's young girls, plus Pete Wingfield on Moog
8 Girls On The Avenue Wingfield
Unreleased from the Wingfield sessions.
9 Paddy Pipes 2 A further extract from the "warm-up" tape. 0:37
10 All The Whales In The Ocean McGear
Recorded in Liverpool in 1980
Released as an A-side single, now on CD for the first time
Features 10cc's Gyzmo, Mike's children and whale heartbeat
11 Blowin' In The Bay McGear
Recorded at Apple in 1973 and unreleased.
One of the last recording sessions at Apple, features:
Paul on drums, Johnny (Big Three) Gustafson on bass, Zoot Money on piano and organ.
12 Keep Cool Road Safety Ad Version 1
Used as a cinema advertisement.
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London in 1971
Features Madeline Bell and Roger Cook from Blue Mink
13 Keep Cool Road Safety Ad Version 2
Another rockier version and features Scaffold !
14 I Just Want What You Got - Money ! McGear
B-side to "All The Whales", features:
Albie "Supercharge" Donnelly's brass section and Paul Reeney's guitar solos
15 Paddy Pipes 3 Final exerpt from the "warm-up" tape, features
Paddy chatting about his ten city tour of America with Linda
16 Viv Stanshall Sings Recorded at Apple during "Blowin' in the bay sessions 0:45
17 Let's Turn The Radio On McGear
Recorded at Apple in 1973 and unreleased, features:
Paul on drums, Johnny Gus on bass, Viv Stanshall on ukelele and Mike whistling
18 Dance The Do - Radio Ad 1 Mike and Vivian Stanshall 0:15
19 Dance The Do - Radio Ad 2 Mike and Vivian Stanshall , plus
cousin Kate Robbins singing Dance The Do into the sunset ....

Disc 3 - D.V.D.

No. Title Time
1 Mike "McGear" McCartney Reminisces at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts 30:07
2 Mike "McGear" McCartney Interview at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool 66:51
3 Leave It - Promo Video 1974

Complete reel even including test card at start and end for,
"Studio Film Laboratories Limited", plus time count-down in.


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