The McCartney Years

Paul McCartney
The McCartney Years (DVD) - Front cover The McCartney Years (DVD) - Rear Cover
The McCartney Years (DVD) - Front Cover The McCartney Years (DVD) - Rear Cover
The McCartney Years (DVD) - Front cover
The McCartney Years (DVD) - Inner Sleeve

Label Warner/MPL
Catalogue No. 2564-69836-2
Release date November 2007
Total time Total Playing Time: 6 hours 41 minutes 33 seconds
Disc 1 - 130:50
Disc 2 - 137:32
Disc 3 - 133:11
Comments : The definitive collection of Paul McCartney's video output (although oddly, there are some missing gems)
It has been reported that there are some hidden extras ... unfortunately, not really ... where would you hide them ?

Executive Producer - Paul McCartney
Director - Dick Carruthers
Executive Production Consultant - Ray Still
MPL Project Co-ordinator - Liliam Marshall
5.1 Audio Remixer - Paul Hicks

This three volume DVD includes solo music videos, career-spanning live performances, personal commentary by Paul McCartney and exclusive footage that tracks his incredible musical journey as never before.
Volume One and Volume Two contain the definitive collection of McCartney music videos.
Starting in the 1970s with Maybe I'm Amazed, the DVD includes the Wings promo video for Band On The Run as well as hits from the 1980s such as Say Say Say, and the 1990s with Biker Like An Icon. It finishes with 2005's Fine Line.
The films can be viewed either in chronological order or as play-lists that have been personally arranged by Paul featuring his exclusive voiceover commentaries. One surprise is that watching them from the different sequence there is the odd different video !
(Tracks listed below with a Green background have two versions on the disc)
Volume Three includes live performances taken from three classic McCartney live shows;

  • ROCKSHOW filmed on Wings 1976 World Tour,
  • New edits of Pauls seminal UNPLUGGED in 1991 and
  • Pauls now legendary headlining performance at 2004s GLASTONBURY Festival.

THE McCARTNEY YEARS is also packed with bonus features and extra never before seen footage and performances, including Let It Be from LIVE AID (with vocal !), archive interviews with Melvyn Bragg and Michael Parkinson, alternative versions of music videos and the full-length 2005 documentary Creating Chaos at Abbey Road.
Also Paul has recorded exclusive commentary and personal introductions for most of the promo videos and each live concert.

This collection has been meticulously restored and all films polished, re-graded and given a new lease of life in widescreen format with re-mastered stereo audio and for the first time the original recordings have been re-mixed into 5.1 surround sound. Which is awesome.

THE McCARTNEY YEARS includes over 40 promo videos and over two hours of live performances in a value for money set totalling way over SIX hours !

The set is presented in a nice box with the three DVD's housed in a cardboard three-way opening pack.
Also included is a 26 page booklet which is sadly lacking in information. It includes an overview by Barry Miles and a timeline of Paul's life, but oddly takes two pages to go from 1942 to 1990 and then six pages to go the last 17 years ? Cover and sleeve by Andie Airfix at Satori Graphic (Andie Airfix !? ... really ?)
Photomontage by Rob Farrar.

D.V.D. - Disc 1

Main Menu

This is on a loop of 1 minute 40 seconds and features the song Blackpool from the unreleased MPL film entitled "The Backyard".
This 9-minute short film, features Paul alone with his acoustic guitar, seated on a stool in the gardens of Abbey Road studios where he performs a version of the unreleased track 'Blackpool' as well as four rock 'n' roll classics, 'Twenty Flight Rock' (which is interrupted at the end by the sound of a siren from an ambulance rushing past the studios), 'Peggy Sue', 'I'm Gonna Love You Too' and 'Sweet Little Sixteen'.

On the Main menu are Six choices:

Play List
The chapters of the play list are split into 2 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
1-11 loops for 1:00 minutes and plays Check My Machine
12-21 loops for 2:06 minutes and plays a Piano demo of "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five"

The chapters of the chronology list are the same as the play list, but in date order
They are also split into 2 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
1-11 loops for 2:02 minutes and plays a Rockestra Rehearsal
12-21 loops for 1:11 minutes and plays I'm Gonna Love You To also from The Backyard (see above)

This loops for 1:18 minutes and features Not Such A Bad Boy (from "Broad Street").

This loops for 1:00 minutes and features a Bluebird saxophone rehearsal with chord sequences.

Set Up
This loops for 1:02 minutes and features Transcrystaline (The Firemen) against some Wings newsreel about "Broad Street" with Paul in a top hat which has a label of "Tuxedo".

This loops for 5:43 minutes and features Wild Life live as it does on every disc.

No. Chapter Title Detail Time
1 Tug Of War Promotional Video 1982
Directed by Maurice Phillips.
Recorded 23/24 September 1982 at George Martin's AIR Studios in Oxford Street, London.
2 Say Say Say Promotional Video 1983
Directed by Bob Giraldi.
Recorded over four days in 1983, between October 4th and 7th the production had a cost of over $500,000.
It was filmed on various locations in Los Alamos, about 70 miles from Los Angeles in California.
One location is the Union Hotel where Paul is seen playing pool with the director making a "Hitchcockian" appearance.
Daughter Heather also makes a cameo appearance in the children's foster home sequence and Michael's sister Latoya plays a part.
3 Silly Love Songs Promotional Video 1976
Directed by Gordon Bennett.
Includes concert footage and scenes from the Ametrican tour
4 Band On The Run Promotional Video 1974
Directed by Michael Coulson.
An arty promo video including Beatle images
5 Maybe I'm Amazed Promotional Video 1970
Directed by Charlie Jenkins.
First shown on British T.V. on Sunday 19th April 1970 on London Weekend Television and Produced by the film director David Putnam. It features a montage of still photographs of Paul, Linda, and her daughter Heather, some of which are from the Let It Be sessions of January 1969.
6 Heart Of The Country Promotional Video 1971
Directed by Roy Benson.
First shown on British T.V. on Top Of The Pops on 24th June 1971 this contains wild footage shot by Paul and Linda five months earlier on 2nd January 1971 at their Scottish farmhouse. It shows them riding horses, paddling in the sea and playing in the sand. It also includes home movies from a boat in Portugal and a trip to France.
The raw 16mm colour film was edited by Roy Benson who last worked with Paul on Magical Mystery Tour.
7 Mamunia Promotional Video 1974
Directed by Jim Quick.
In July 1974 after returning from Nashville, Paul commissioned an animated promotional film for the song 'Mamunia'.
In a style reminiscent of the Sixties children's TV series Ivor The Engine, the clip features animated sequences that recreate the song lyrics.
This short was only ever shown in one isolated ITV screening late in the year.
8 With A Little Luck Promotional Video 1978
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.
On May 9th the promotional film for 'With A Little Luck' is transmitted on the ITV children's television show Paul, hosted by Paul Nicholas.
9 Goodnight Tonight Promotional Video 1979
Directed by Keith McMillan.
# # # Approach this from the Play List and you see version C, from the Chronological Index you see version B. # # #
April 3rd 1979 - Recorded on the stage of the Hammersmith Palais in London and working again with Keith McMillan's company Keef & Co.
During this all-day session, which began at 5:30am(!) with the setting up of intricate stage lighting, five different versions are shot.
Shooting finally started at 4pm, but Paul chose only three of the versions taped today when the clips are edited and prepared for distribution on April 7th.
Only versions B and C are ultimately screened, with version D remaining unseen to this day.
For the clips, Paul, Linda and Wings appear dressed in their modern day clothes as well as in the style of the Forties, with greased-back hair and all. With clever editing, version B features the "roll back" technique, which involves cutting the video footage of the band in regular clothes with everything in the same position as when they were in costume. This version is sharp and clear.
Version C features the same footage, but without the edits back into modern day clothes and is grainy throughout to look deliberately dated.
In the UK, the clip appeared on BBC1's Top Of The Pops and on the Thames/ITV network programme The Kenny Everett Video Show, one week later, on Monday April 9th, where the video was shown in its entirety.



10 Waterfalls Promotional Video 1980
Directed by Keith McMillan.
In June 1980 Paul shot this promo on a specially built set in the middle of Wandsworth Common, with additional scenes being shot in a disused aircraft hangar. To assist with the taping, Paul obtains one and a half tons of polystyrene, and an eight-foot Polar bear called Olaf, hired from Chipperfield's Circus.
If you think Paul looks "different", it is because for one time only he parted his hair on the other side.
After numerous re-edits of the sequences, a total of six different promotional films are prepared, but only version three is seen on UK TV. It received its first UK screening on the ITV Saturday morning children's show Tiswas on June 14th.
Due to the technicians strike at the BBC, the clip never made it onto the flagship pop programme Top Of The Pops.
11 My Love Promotional Video 1973
Directed by Mick Rock.
A straightforward performance video in a smokey studio. Linda is wearing a big coat and during the instrumental break dances with Paul.
12 C Moon Promotional Video 1972
Directed by Steven Turner.
This was filmed on 28th November in the Southampton based studios of Southern ITV at Northam in Hampshire along with Hi Hi Hi as they were both sides of the new single. These straightforward performance films feature the group miming on a low three-step stage. For 'C Moon', Paul plays the piano while sporting a pink sweatshirt emblazoned with the song's logo.
13 Baby's Request Promotional Video 1979
Directed by Keith McMillan.
Approach this from the Play List and you see a black-and-white version masked to look like you are watching it on an old t.v.
From the Chronological Index you see a nice sharp full widescreen colour version.
Filmed 8th June, Wings drove the forty miles from Lympne Castle in Kent, where they had been filming Back To The Egg promos, to Camber Sands where this video was completed.



14 Hi Hi Hi Promotional Video 1972
Directed by Steven Turner.
This was filmed on 28th November in the Southampton based studios of Southern ITV at Northam in Hampshire along with C Moon as they were both sides of the new single. These straightforward performance films feature the group miming on a low three-step stage.
Hi Hi Hi got it's first airing on LWT's Russell Harty Plus on Saturday 16th December.
15 Ebony And Ivory Promotional Video 1982
Directed by Keith McMillan.
In March 1982 at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire Paul filmed two different promotional clips for the song 'Ebony And Ivory'. For this version (featuring Stevie Wonder), Paul films his scenes alone with Wonder's scenes (filmed in America) being edited in later.
The video was premiered on BBC's Top Of The Pops on April 8th 1982.
The solo version: On 11th February at the Old Royal Mint in London, make-believe prison scenes are shot for the other version of the 'Ebony And Ivory' promotional clip.
Unfortunately this alternate version is not on the disc.
16 Take It Away Promotional Video 1982
Directed by John McKenzie.
Filming started on June 18th 1982 on a set at the Elstree Film Studios in Hertfordshire and was completed on a lo-o-ong day on the 23rd.
The final day is filmed before a live studio audience comprising members of the UK Wings Fun Club. Guests appearing in the band and in the video are: George Martin on electric piano, Ringo on drums, Steve Gadd on drums, Eric Stewart on lead guitar, The Q-Tips brass section, Linda on tambourine plus the actor John Hurt playing a Brian Epstein like character.
17 Mull Of Kintyre Promotional Video 1977
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
On October 13th 1977 at Paul's Scottish farmhouse, Paul, Linda and Denny filmed this, the first of three promotional clips for this single release. Paul is seen sitting on a fence and walking with his acoustic guitar while lip-synching the vocals. Linda, Denny and The Campbeltown Pipes Band who are first seen on a beach join him later in the clip. Additional scenes of local residents joining Wings around a fire to sing along are shot later this evening.
An alternate version is included as an "Extra".
18 Helen Wheels Promotional Video 1973
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Paul on a variety of instruments, including drums, intercut with Wings driving in a convertible.
Only the original video is seen here, which is surprising as a later version was made with special effects added to hide Linda's fur coat !
19 I've Had Enough Promotional Video 1978
Directed by Keith McMillan
A fairly straight performance video, but atmospheric, as it has the band in a darkened room seemingly lit through venitian blinds with most shots in close-up.
20 Coming Up Promotional Video 1980
Directed by Keith McMillan
Filmed March 26th and 27th 1980 at Ewart Television Studios in London, this is one of Paul's most complex, elaborate and memorable promotional videos. Through the wonders of modern technology, Paul and Linda appear in the guises of ten different people. Collectively the twelve-piece is billed as The Plastic Macs, Paul dresses as Hank Marvin (not Buddy Holly), Ron Mael (of Sparks) and as himself - "Beatle Paul" circa 1963, wearing a collarless jacket.
Paul says that the drummer was based on John Bonham, although it looks more like "Animal" of the muppets !
21 Wonderful Christmas Time Promotional Video 1979
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
On 16th November 1979 Wings commandeered the Fountain public house in Ashurst, West Sussex, to shoot this promo. The festivities are later intercut with brief scenes from their upcoming UK tour.
Disc One - Extras
1 Eleanor's Dream This is an excerpt from the LWT programme, The South Bank Show - subtitled, "The Making Of Give My Regards To Broad Street". The show, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, was transmitted for the only time across the ITV network on Sunday 14th October 1984.
Paul had appeared in the first-ever South Bank Show on January 14th 1978.
2 Band On The Run
(The Cover Shoot)
November 1973 - The making of the classic album cover.
Directed by Clive Arrowsmith
Paul commissioned Gordon House and Storm Thorgerson, from the Hipgnosis design team, to shoot a promotional film for the album. It features behind the scenes footage of the preparations for the album cover, set to the tracks '1985' and 'Mrs. Vanderbilt', and a series of shots of seagulls in flight superimposed with images of Paul, Linda and Denny set to 'Bluebird'. The complete MPL film was never released at the time but a short clip from the film was often seen on the back-projection video screen during live performances of 'Band On The Run'.
(note: This is split into 8 contiguous chapters on the disk)
3 Junior's Farm 20th November 1974 - This is a BBC TV Top Of The Pops performance.
Recorded in Studio 8 at the BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane, London, this was Wings fourth studio appearance on the programme. For this mimed performance they earned a fee of 170.
4 London Town Promotional Video 1978
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
An odd video filmed at Elstree Studios. Paul, Linda and Denny are all in the stockinged feet pretending to walk along a London street. Victor Spinetti makes a guest appearance as a mime actor.
5 Mull Of Kintyre Promotional Video 1977 (Version 3)
Directed by Nicholas Ferguson
Friday December 9th 1977 Wings re-gathered on stage two at the Elstree film studios in Hertfordshire, filming a third promotional film clip for 'Mull Of Kintyre'. Often referred to by Beatles collectors as the 'Misty' version, this clip features Paul, Linda and Denny singing the tune against a backdrop of rocks with rolling fog where, towards the end of the clip, the Campbeltown Pipes Band march into shot. Not quite as commonly shown as the first 'Mull Of Kintyre' clip, this much shorter version was directed by the same chap who previously directed The Beatles' Intertel Studio promotional films from November 1965.

D.V.D. - Disc 2

Main Menu

This is on a loop of 1 minute 37 seconds and features Hope Of Deliverance (Disco Mix)

On the Main menu are Six choices:

Play List
The chapters of the play list are split into 2 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
1-11 loops for 1:27 minutes and plays Flaming Pie
12-21 loops for 1:10 minutes and plays Let 'Em In

The chapters of the chronology list are the same as the play list, but in date order
They are also split into 2 sub-menus, each of which loops around a different track:
1-11 loops for 1:10 minutes and plays Wanderlust
12-21 loops for 1:43 minutes and plays Momma Miss America

This loops for 1:30 minutes and is a saxophone version of Three Legs.

This loops for 1:31 minutes and features Wild Life.

Set Up
This loops for 1:04 minutes and features Calico Skies

This loops for 5:43 minutes and features Wild Life live as it does on every disc.

No. Chapter Title Detail Time
1 Pipes Of Peace Promotional Video 1982
Directed by Paul McCartney and Keith McMillan
Recorded December 1983 on Chobham Common in Surrey, this promo movingly recreates the famous Christmas Day truce of 1914 between English and German troops in France.
The filming, which started at 8am and utilised the services of 100 extras, lasted two days. On the first day, Paul, who had his hair cut especially short for the filming, arrived on the set at 6am and spent two hours in make-up.
In the commentary version Paul says it was filmed on Farnham Common ?
2 My Brave Face Promotional Video 1989
Directed by Roger Lunn
Recorded April 10th and 11th 1989 in the house at Strawberry Fields in Liverpool, the clip features a straight performance of the song by the group intercut with various MPL archive film clips, most notably Tony Barrow's home movies from the 1965/1966 Beatles tours that Paul acquired during the 1986 Sotheby's Auction.
The clips also include the sight of Paul's first car !
3 Beautiful Night Promotional Video 1997
Directed by Julien Temple
Paul is mostly seen viewing his surroundings with a camera obscura.
The original promo was considered controversial as it included full-frontal scenes of the actress Emma Moore swimming in the River Mersey. MTV banned the video, forcing Paul to order a broadcastable version of the clip to be made. Paul co-stars in the film with the unknown four-piece West London group Spud, who were spotted playing in a small London club by the video's director. Also Ringo can be seen making a cameo appearance as a night watchman, disturbed by the noise and eventually playing drums on the song.
4 Fine Line Promotional Video 2005
Directed by Simon Hilton
Play List Version:
Filmed in Abbey Road the edit shows Paul playing all instruments.
Chronology Version:
Basically the same footage above was used to create a line drawing arty version.



5 No More Lonely Nights Promotional Video 1984
Directed by Keith McMillan
Filmed April 10th 1984 during location filming for Broad Street at the Old Justice Pub at the Dock Head in Bermondsey, London SE16.
The video includes Ralph Richardson and Giant Haystacks.
The promo's filming continued late into the night with scenes of exploding fireworks which annoyed local residents and the police received calls of complaint. Callers are simply told: "I'm sorry, but Mr. McCartney is simply doing some filming!"
6 This One Promotional Video 1989
Directed by Tim Pope
Filmed 23rd and 24th June 1989 in the London studios of Albert Wharf.
This video features the song set against an Eastern, mystic backdrop with Paul and his band having eyes painted on their closed eyelids.
7 Little Willow Promotional Video 1997
Directed by legendary director John Schlesinger
A very moving track, originally recorded as a tribute to Ringo's first wife Maureen, has with it a very moving video.
8 Pretty Little Head Promotional Video 1986
Directed by Steve Barron
Produced by Limelight Films in Dean Street, West London, this promo features a cameo appearance by Paul (filmed in London on October 18) in a film which centres around a young girl who runs away from home after having an argument with her father, who is played by Roger Lloyd-Pack, better known as "Trigger" in Only Fools And Horses. This rarely screened clip appeared in the UK on Channel 4's The Tube. Perhaps owing to the similarity between this and the story line in The Beatles' song 'She's Leaving Home', an 11-second clip from She's Leaving Home appears at the start of the video. The main bulk of filming for the clip was completed over six days, with location filming carried out in late October near Settle in North Yorkshire, the Gower Peninsula near Swansea and in London at the Lindford House Studios. Additional scenes are also shot at the East Greenwich gasworks.
9 Birthday Promotional Video 1990
Directed by Neil Mackenzie Mathews
The promo video includes live footage of the band recorded on June 30th 1990 at the Knebworth concert, intercut with (surprise, surprise) film of birthday celebrations. These take the form of parties through life's ages, from a childrens party, through to an old man celebrating in a pub.
10 Hope Of Deliverance Promotional Video 1992
Directed by Andy Morahan
Filmed 26th November 1992 in North Acton with a huge cast of actors and new age travellers, plus 150 members from Paul's fan club. The video shoot became an ordeal for the extras as the session overran by many hours and just included a few run throughs of the song.
The first UK TV screening took place on the ITV Chart Show, transmitted on January 2 1993.
11 Once Upon A Long Ago Promotional Video 1987
Directed by Paul McCartney and Mike Ross
October 16th 1987, just hours after the famous hurricane that ravaged the south of England, Paul was to be found climbing the perilous Valley of the Rocks, near Plymouth in Devon, where this promotional clip was shot. Subsequent footage, which was later combined with especially created animated cartoon footage (in a vintage Disney style), was edited to make three different promotional films, of which only version two was transmitted. Paul had briefly toyed with the idea of shooting the clip in Iceland, taking advantage of the country's snowy conditions.
12 All My Trials Promotional Video 1982
Directed by Nigel Dick
No scenes of the band at all in this video which just shows scenes of misery and suffering.
13 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Promotional Video 1982
Directed by David Leland
This video features Paul leading a slowly growing crowd of diverse line-dancers.
Filmed Friday 22nd October at the Black Island Studios in Acton, West London
The shooting ran into trouble when armed police from Scotland Yard were called following complaints that men were seen running around with guns. The first police team on the scene are forced to reverse its squad car up the road after four men came up to them with their fake guns, but they were blocked by other traffic. Paul overheard the disturbance, intervenes and explains to police that the men are only actors appearing in his new video.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said later: "Nobody was charged, but the extras and the management at the studio were given formal words of advice."
14 Press Promotional Video 1986
Directed by Philip Davey
Filmed on Monday 16th June 1986 on the London Underground. Paul can be seen on the Jubilee line, between Charing Cross and Swiss Cottage with a short stop off at Bond Street miming to the song. Paul wanders around the underground tube stations and mimes to a tape of the song which is played on a ghetto-blaster strategically placed in an Adidas sports bag with holes punched in the sides to let the sound out. Paul, who did not seek permission from London Transport to make the film, sings while the commuters go about their day-to-day business.
The UK premiere for the promo occured on Channel 4's The Tube on July 4th.
15 No Other Baby Promotional Video 1999
Directed by Pedro Romhanyi
Filmed at Pinewood Studios in Iver, Buckinghamshire.
Paul can be seen clutching his favourite Epiphone guitar that was used on Paperback Writer and Taxman, amongst many others.
The video was first seen on U.K. TV on 16th November 1999 on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast.
16 Off The Ground Promotional Video 1993
Directed by Mathew Robins
Filmed by George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic Company at Skywalker Studios in California.
The promo was premiered on April 2nd.
17 Biker Like An Icon Promotional Video 1993
Directed by Richard Heslop
Premiered 30th October 1993
18 Spies Like Us Promotional Video 1985
Directed by John Landis
Filmed October 9th 1985 at Abbey Road Studios and co-starring the stars of the film, Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. The white Rolls Royce used in the video is loaned from Dave Clark who was currently at work in Studio One at Abbey Road. This promo received its UK premiere on November 16, as part of BBC1's The Late Late Breakfast Show, on which Paul and Linda also appear live.
19 Put It There Promotional Video 1990
Directed by Neil Mackenzie Mathews
Filmed 22nd January 1990, this promo filmed in black and white has Paul, armed simply with an acoustic guitar, without Linda or any of the band, and features random images from a typical father-son relationship: the boy watching his father shave, the two making music and building a toy aeroplane together and more.
20 Figure Of Eight Promotional Video 1982
Directed by Andy Morahan
21 C'mon People Promotional Video 1993
Directed by Kevin Godley
Recorded in January 1993 this promo has Paul in real-time while all around him speeded up people are dismantling his piano.
It received it's UK TV premiere on the ITV network Chart Show on Saturday 20th February 1993.
Disc Two - Extras
1 Parkinson BBC TV Recording
Recorded 2nd December 1999 this brief interview excerpt includes Paul singing an acoustic version of Twenty Flight Rock.
2 So Bad Promotional Video 1984
Directed by Paul and Linda McCartney
Includes Ringo and Eric Stewart, plus towards the end Ringo's wife Barbara can be seen.
3 Creating Chaos At Abbey Road See The Original DVD 29:55

D.V.D. - Disc 3

Main Menu

This is on a loop of 1 minute 24 seconds and features Singalong Junk with scenes from Knebworth 1990.

On the Main menu are Six choices:

This loops for 1:18 minutes and plays a piano instrumental of My Carnival.

This loops for 0:38 and features Paul busking outside Leicester Square Tube singing Yesterday.

This loops for 1:03 minutes and shows Paul receiving an award at the NME Awards ceremony for his 2005 Glastonbury performance..

This loops for 1:35 minutes and features Live And Let Die from "One Hand Clapping".

Set Up
This loops for 0:57 and features an acoustic instrumental during the Unplugged sound check

This loops for 5:43 minutes and features Wild Life live as it does on every disc.

No. Chapter Title Time
Rockshow (29:11)
Directed by Jack Priestley
Recorded 10th June 1976 - This section contains excerpts from the officially released MPL concert film "Rockshow" which was shot at Seattle's Kingdome.
The audience at that performance numbered 67,100, this being 11,000 over the fixed-seat capacity of the Kingdome venue and in doing so set a new world record for a single act.
The European Charity premiere of "Rockshow" took place at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road on Wednesday 8th April 1981.
The film was shown for the first time on UK television on 26th September 1989 on Channel 4.
1 Silly Love Songs
This is an introductory track with a commentary by Paul.
During this Paul says that Rockshow was the very first Miramax film.
2 Venus And Mars 2:04
3 Rockshow 4:20
4 Jet 4:44
5 Maybe I'm Amazed 6:30
6 Lady Madonna 3:17
7 Listen To What The Man Said 3:31
8 Bluebird 4:37
Unplugged (14:36)
Directed by Bruce Gowers
Recorded on Friday 25th January 1991 at the Limehouse Studios, 128 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, Middlesex
Paul and his band performed live before a specially invited audience of around 200 people for a special edition of the MTV series Unplugged.
These are excerpts from the 51-minute programme which premiered on MTV in Europe on May 13.
A full terrestrial audience saw it for the first time on Channel 4 on August 26th.
1 Everynight
This is an introductory track with a commentary by Paul.
During this Paul says that Geoff Emerick was the soundman.
2 I Lost My Little Girl 2:04
3 Everynight 3:52
4 And I Love Her 4:23
5 That Would be Something 3:05
Glastonbury (54:37)
Directed by Janet Fraser-Cook
This is film from Paul's headlining and award winning performance at the 2004 concert.
Paul took to the stage at 10:20 p.m. 26th June 2004 on the Pyramid stage and was in fantastic form ....
1 Hey Jude
This is an introductory track with a commentary by Paul.
2 Jet 4:54
3 Flaming Pie 2:53
4 Let Me Roll It 6:14
5 Blackbird 3:08
6 Band On The Run 5:15
7 Back In The USSR 3:40
8 Live And Let Die 3:47
9 Hey Jude 10:13
10 Yesterday 2:43
11 Helter Skelter 5:41
12 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band + The End 5:59
Disc Three - Extras
1 Live Aid
Saturday July 13 1985 - This is Paul's Let It Be appearance.
(with overdubbed vocal !)
2 Live Aid
Same as track 1 but with a commentary by Paul.
The Superbowl XXXIX (12:37)
Directed by Bob Levy
The half-time show at the American Football Final of 6th February 2005 in front of 82,000 ticket-holders.
Unlike in many previous years, he was the only performer in the entire halftime show.
1 Drive My Car 2:20
2 Get Back 3:22
3 Live And Let Die 3:15
4 Hey Jude 3:37

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