E.P. - My Bonnie

The Beatles
Label Polydor
Catalogue No. EPH 21610
Country of Origin England
Release Date 12th July 1963
U.K. E.P. Chart Detail : Did NOT chart.
The Tracks :
Side 1    Side 2
My Bonnie     Why
The Saints     Cry For A Shadow
Detail : The Beatles first ever E.P. ... but NOT classed as being an "Official" release.

The Beatles first release, "My Bonnie", had been released in January 1962 long before E.M.I. signed the group. By the time of this E.P. The Beatles had topped the charts and become this years big thing. Polydor packaged up the tracks they had in the can of The Beatles and put them out in E.P. form.

Of the four tracks, three actually only featured the band backing Tony Sheridan. The exception being "Cry For A Shadow" which was a Lennon/Harrison instrumental.

The E.P. failed to chart.

The cover did NOT include any pictures of Tony Sheridan OR The Beatles, and made great attempt to emphasise the group's name rather than Sheridan's.

First pressings are on the Polydor "scroll" type label, and are valued at about 60. Second pressings on the more well-known Polydor red label are valued at about 40.

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