E.P. - Beatles For Sale No. 2

The Beatles
Beatles For Sale No. 2 - Front Cover Beatles For Sale No. 2 - Rear Cover
Beatles For Sale No. 2 - Front Cover Beatles For Sale No. 2 - Rear Cover

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. GEP 8938
Matrix No.'s
 A-side B-Side
First Issue :7TCE 874-1 7TCE 875-2
     (Plus Tax code of KT on both sides)
Release Date 4th June 1965
U.K. E.P. Chart Detail : 
Entry Date :12th June 1965
Highest Position :5
Weeks in Chart :24 Weeks
The Tracks :
Side 1    Side 2
I'll Follow The Sun     Words Of Love
Baby's In Black     I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Detail : The Beatles ninth official E.P.

Even less successful then the first E.P. collection from "Beatles For Sale", the main attraction for collectors would be the new colour photograph that formed the front cover which was taken by Robert Freeman. But on the rear, no sleeve notes, and little else to show any real effort by their record company.

And, how do you spot original pressings ? ....
The typeface on more recent issues is both more modern and smaller than on the originals, while the actual catalogue number was actually BIGGER on originals.
Around the edge of the label, the words stating the rights of the publishers started with "The Gramophone Co. Ltd." and across the press-out centre the words, "sold in U.K. subject to resale price conditions, see price lists" are present.
The embossed "KT" tax code is visible on the side 1 record label.
Re-pressings were also made early in the 1970's, which do NOT have "Sold in the U.K. ...".
And a further pressing was made in 1973, which added a boxed EMI logo.

The sleeve also has marked differences. For starters (surprisingly !) the quality of new editions is worse, which suggests that EMI copied old sleeves rather than the actual photos ! ... I could demonstrate this with my copy of "A Hard Days Night", I have an original and a newer edition, and it is astonishing how much worse the newer one is !
Next, look out for the edges of the fold of the front cover onto the back. The edges of the fold used to be curved, now they are sharp, straight.
Finally, the fold itself is no longer laminated, and the cover itself feels thinner than before.

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